New Funding Shows Industry Confidence in K2View’s Smart Real-Time DataOps Solutions

By Achi Rotem, CEO & Co-Founder   Today we were happy to announce that for the first time in our history, K2View has raised a combined $28 million in capital with Forestay Capital and Genesis Partners to further accelerate the company’s rapid...

Solving the DevOps Test Data Problem

With a DevOps-driven software development ecosystem and the introduction of shift-left approach, software quality is gaining greater prominence. As the need for building a smart and connected business ecosystem arises, organizations are advocating...

Why the Growth of Data Privacy Mandates Demands a Different Approach

When we think of data privacy regulations and how they affect today’s organizations, most people first think of GDPR—the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation—which went into effect in 2018. In reality, though, GDPR was far from the...

New in Fabric 6.1 and TDM 6.1

April and May have been productive months here at K2View. Both Fabric 6.1 and TDM 6.1 were released. In addition to minor fixes, there are several changes to both applications that make life for the consumer more efficient. Highlights from these...

K2View and the Test Data Management Problem

Have you wanted to learn more about K2View's Test Data Management (TDM) product? If so, you are in luck; last week, Hod Rotem, VP of Global Solutions at K2View, provided a live demo on TDM. Below are just a few of the highlights from the webinar.

K2View Q&A Series: What is DataOps?

This week we had a chance to speak with Dominic Garcia, K2View's Head of Marketing, on DataOps. In the video, we discussed the innovation of DataOps, as well as how K2View fits into the picture.  

A Tale of Two Breaches: Understanding K2View’s New Encryption Patent

Most organizations that take a modern approach to cybersecurity embrace the “assume you’ve been breached” mindset. This thought process is helpful as you think through how to best protect your organization and customer data.

K2View Q&A Series: K2View CEO on COVID-19, Innovation, and the Future of Data Management

Dominic Garcia, Head of Marketing at K2View, recently had an opportunity to sit down with Steve Kostyshen, K2View's CEO, and discuss the impacts of COVID-19 and the future of data management.   

Here’s Why AT&T Chose K2View TDM for Test Data Management

We’re thrilled to announce that AT&T has adopted K2View TDM as its platform of record for test data management across all its business and consumer apps development.

K2View Named #20 in 2019 Dallas 100

Last night, K2View had the distinct pleasure of being honored at a reception for our spot on the Dallas 100 – a list of the top 100 fastest private growing companies in the Dallas area.