Cellcom Israel, Deploys 360-Degree Customer View for an Advanced Cloud-Based CRM Solution



Israel – July 25, 2017Cellcom Israel Ltd., (TASE: CEL, NYSE: CEL) the largest cellular operator in Israel, today announced that K2View,inc., a leading distributed data as a service platform that allows transfer of enterprise data between platforms, has successfully deployed a real time, 360 degree customer solution. This hybrid cloud solution provides a complete view of customer product, service and financial information while reducing the annual cost of infrastructure and software.

K2View’s platform known as “Fabric” provides the real time customer data solution that includes:

  • Integration and storage of complex data from different system & technology
  • Exposure of data to an advanced cloud-based CRM and BSS Solution (Vlocity & IVR)
  • Real-time synchronization of product, service, financial and billing information.

By implementing K2View’s Fabric, the operator benefits from a unified service console based on Vlocity, Industry focused CRM based on Salesforce cloud platform, that provides a complete view of each customer, updated in real-time. Other benefits of the Fabric solution include:

  • Time to Market: E2E implementation across 6 complex systems in just 3 months
  • Simplified Integration with Vlocity.
  • Exceptional Performance: 400 TPS with real-time sync for ~150 tables
  • Reduced Risk: Fabric’s unique data encryption approach virtually eliminates the risk of a large scale data breach

“Our experience with k2view was excellent. Their product together with the quality service was a key parameter in the success of the implementation and the challenge we faced - the deployment of a cloud solution” – CIO