New Funding Shows Industry Confidence in K2View’s DataOps Solutions

Achi Rotem, CEO

Achi Rotem, CEO

CEO, K2View

By Achi Rotem, CEO & Co-Founder


Today we were happy to announce that for the first time in our history, K2View has raised a combined $28 million in capital with Forestay Capital and Genesis Partners to further accelerate the company’s rapid expansion into the emerging DataOps market. Perhaps even more exciting is that this funding demonstrates continued validation and confidence in our patented “digital entity” approach to solving the complex, real-time data management problem.

It’s clear that the technology community sees the powerful potential that comes from K2View continuing to build on its foundation. Global organizations across multiple industries are already seeing enormous benefits from our “fundamentally different approach” to data management. This new round of funding will support two primary objectives. First, it will significantly increase our direct sales and marketing footprint globally. Second, it will grow our channel strategy to enable world-class system integrators to evangelize and deploy our solutions in the Global 2000. 

First, a quick review of the data problem to which K2View dedicates all its brainpower to solve. Today’s enterprise has dozens, hundreds, sometimes thousands of legacy applications, each with its own siloed, application-centric data stores. This has led to enterprise data that is fragmented and inconsistent, and with no practical way to manage, access, and control it all. Traditional data management techniques tried to solve this by dumping periodic copies of all these data sources into massive data warehouses. This is fine for analyzing past trends and forecasting new ones, but it does little for real-time operations and the “right now” customer experience. Or they try to provide quasi-real-time access to all the legacy systems with complex integrations which are costly, in need of constant maintenance and brittle at best. Today, these problems are magnified as IT teams are under pressure to provide more value at a faster pace than ever.

We built K2View Fabric to solve this with a unique, patented approach to data management, which provides secure, up-to-date, single-source, and bidirectional access and control to whatever data the enterprise needs in real-time—no matter how many systems it comes from. We immediately recognized that we could apply this unique data “synch, store, serve” management to provide enterprise solutions for the toughest data challenges large organizations face.

Our new partners agree that K2View is doing just that. Our expanding portfolio of the largest, more complex enterprises in the world prove how successfully we’re applying our technology to test data management, customer “360” data hubs, data privacy and compliance, data virtualization, and many other enterprise data problems. And with the addition of Global 2000 customers every quarter, we are gaining momentum in multiple markets ripe for transformation with DataOps—including telecom, financial services, healthcare, insurance and logistics, just to name a few.

This is an exciting time at K2View. With this new round of funding, we are more energized than ever to take our message of a “better way” to the world. Today’s companies compete almost exclusively on customer experience, and it’s incredibly challenging to provide a world-class customer experience without easy access to data in real-time.  The companies who recognize that data truly is their most valuable asset—and treat it as such—will be the winners in the economy of tomorrow. Forestay Capital and Genesis Partners share our vision for the future and are natural partners in helping us accelerate our growth in the market. As we look to the next stage in K2View’s growth, we remain committed to our vision of helping companies unlock their potential by tackling and solving their most complex data challenges. And we will keep doing this by providing a faster, better way to access and control data with the next generation of DataOps—delivering the data our customers need, exactly how, when and where they need it, in real time.

There’s an old saying in business: Good, Fast and Cheap: Pick two. At K2View, we let our customers have all three—providing real solutions in a fraction of the time and budget required by traditional data management approaches.


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