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IT system modernization

Systematically retire legacy systems for reduced costs and increased agility

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Post-merger integration

Take advantage of network transformation opportunities

Data-driven business initiatives for CSPs


Customer 360

Telco providers and operators are continually under pressure to rapidly roll out new personalized services.

At the same time, they are uniquely positioned to tap into their accumulated customer data to run highly-personalized and effective marketing campaigns, and deliver great customer service across all channels.

The K2View Customer 360 View consolidates customer data from all BSS and OSS systems into a high-performance, high-scale operational datastore. Customer data is then delivered to any application, in real time, to fuel the next best action with the customer - across all channels.

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Data migration

Migrating applications to the cloud is a huge burden for IT teams. Years or decades of crucial business history of millions of subscribers and SKUs, means petabytes of stored data that must be carefully transformed from legacy systems to new, cloud-based applications.

Conventional migration solutions require sophisticated ETL approaches, and physical data transfers, which must be orchestrated in precious “downtime” moments when the data is not constantly changing - a near impossibility in today’s 24/7/365 business environment. 

K2View's patented approach to data management enables operators to safely and cost-effectively migrate existing systems to the cloud.  The company's operational Data Fabric enables entity-based ETL, full SQL support, and row-level security, in a distributed architecture for massive data transformations. It enables data migration without any downtime to the business, ensuring data integrity, across all systems, at all times.

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Data privacy management

The growing demand for new products and services, coupled with the introduction of new customer interaction channels, has driven massive application growth for most communications service providers (CSPs). With customer data fragmented across so many systems, maintaining data privacy has become more difficult than ever. 

As privacy compliance become more urgent, K2view Data Privacy Management has emerged as a leading CSP solution for automating customer data access requests (such as “Forget me”, “Provide me with my data”, “Port my data”, etc.) – thanks to its complete integration with any source data, and its flexible DSAR automation workflows.

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Test data management

With enterprise data spread over so many systems, provisioning high-quality test data in a timely manner, and at scale, has become a key issue. New apps need to be tested and rolled out fast to meet telco customer expectations.

K2View Test Data Management provides seamless access to the latest production data from any number of systems. It organizes and masks the data to suit your test cases, and then makes that data continuously available for repeated test cycles, in any environment. Test data is delivered on demand, in minutes, and with built-in data integrity – accelerating development cycles, increasing agility, and reducing costs.

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Additional Telco Data Management use cases

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Omni-channel customer experience

With K2View Data Fabric, CSPs can leverage data to create a profitable and seamless customer experience across all touch-points, even across those running on disparate systems.

As a result, customer care agents, in-store sales reps, and self-service portals can be more proactive, serve customers more rapidly, generate a superior customer experience, and create stronger brand loyalty.

Network transformation

K2View Data Fabric enables operators to create a holistic, real-time view of the network and service, and correlate events across next generation and legacy systems - to transform networks from a cost center to a strategic business agent, and:

  • Assure service levels
  • Diagnose and remediate issues
  • Automate network functions
  • Deliver superior customer experience


Microservice automation

Telco IT teams know that unifying, normalizing, and componentizing their BSS and OSS data into microservices can help speed delivery, cut costs, and increase agility. 

The K2View data fabric provides a low-code/no-code framework within which CSPs can quickly deliver a trusted, holistic, and real-time view of customer and business data through microservices.

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