Data Masking Tools

Anonymize sensitive data at enterprise scale
for compliant software testing, data analytics, and B2B data sharing

Data masking tools: PII discovery

PII discovery and classification

Data masking tools: dynamic and static masking

Static and dynamic masking

Data masking tools: 100s of functions

100s of masking functions

Data masking tools: structured and unstructured data

Structured and unstructured data

Data masking tools: all data sources

All data sources are supported

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Data masking tools | K2view


Protect sensitive data without compromise

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In-flight and contextual

Data is masked in flight, in the context of its business entity, preventing sensitive data from ever being exposed

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Entity data masking enforces referential integrity of the masked data, regardless of data source diversity

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Static and dynamic masking

Both static masking and dynamic masking are supported in the same platform, accommodating any sensitive data use case

Anonymize production data in-flight
to ensure compliance with regulations

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Comply with data privacy
and security regulations at scale


Locate your sensitive data

You can't mask Personally Identifiable Information (PII) if you don't know where it is. Benefit from built-in PII discovery that automatically scans all data sources, classifies PII/PHI data elements, and then masks it according to pre-defined rules.

  • Identify and classify sensitive data by scanning metadata and database content.
  • Set up role-based (RBAC) and attribute-based (ABAC) access controls.
  • Apply data masking rules and generate reports for full regulatory compliance.
Data Masking Tools: PII auto-discovery
Dynamic and static data masking tools


Data masking functions for any job

Mask data with your choice of:

  • 100s of built-in masking functions.
  • Do-it-yourself masking functions, that can be reused.
  • Dynamic data masking for operational use.
  • Static data masking for data analytics and software testing.

K2view gets top scores
in Gartner Peer Insights for Data Masking Tools

“High-end security for your sensitive information..."
“Innovative, fast and also scalable...”
“Excellent dynamic and static data masking...”


Data Masking Tool reviews by Gartner


Anonymize PII from images and PDFs

  • Protect sensitive data in unstructured files (images, PDFs, text files, and more).
  • Generate synthetic, digital versions of receipts, checks, contracts, and more.
  • Maintain referential integrity of masked data across structured and unstructured sources.
Unstructured data masking tools
Data masking tools for all sources


Anonymize data across all data sources and platforms

  • Integrate with any data source, technology, or vendor: on-premise, or in the cloud.
  • Connect to relational databases, NoSQL sources, legacy systems, message queues, flat files, XML documents, and more.
  • Ensure referential integrity through patented entity-based data masking.

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Data masking

Anonymize production data in flight to ensure compliance with regulations.

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Data Masking

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Data subsetting

Provision a data subset from multiple systems using business parameters.

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Data Subsetting

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Synthetic data generation

Create synthetic data for multiple systems based on business rules or AI.

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Synthetic data generation

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Entity-based data masking tools

Our patented approach makes all the difference

Define business entities
Define business entities

Auto-discover business entity schemas and auto-classify the PII and sensitive data for the business entities

Auto-ingest and organize
Auto-ingest and organize

K2view ingests multi-source data and automatically organizes it by business entities, in real time, to enforce referential integrity and facilitate contextual masking

Mask data on-the-fly
Mask data on-the-fly

Data is then masked in the context of the business entity and delivered to any target system or data store, with referential integrity preserved

Benefits of entity-based, data masking tools

Better data protection

Achieved with in-flight and in-context data masking

Greater productivity

Enabled by no-code tooling and prebuilt masking functions

Full automation

Integrates data masking into CI/CD pipelines

Quick and easy rollout

Implemented in weeks, instead of months

Flexible deployment

Available on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environment


Designed to integrate with any and all data sources


Optimized for high-performance at any scale

Lower cost

Eliminates per-database data masking software and fees  


Market Guide for Data Masking

  • Market overview, market trends, business drivers and methods for dynamic, static, and unstructured data masking

  • Critical capabilities, such as PII discovery, rule management, data masking operations, and reporting

  • Leading data masking vendors, broken down by categories

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The A-Z of Data Masking


The A-Z of Data Masking

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IDC® Analyst Report

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