Data Masking Tools

Anonymize data by business entities
and protect your sensitive data at scale, with minimum effort

Mask any data source

All Data Sources are Supported

Static and dynamic data masking

Static & Dynamic Masking

100s of Prebuilt Masking Functions

100s of Masking Functions

Structured & unstructured data

Structured & unstructured data

PII Discovery and Classification

PII Discovery and Classification

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K2view Data Masking Tools

K2view takes a unique business entity approach to data masking, cutting the time and costs of implementation, while supporting enterprise complexities.

Our data masking tools ingest, mask, and deliver compliant data by business entities – from all source systems, to any authorized data consumers.

The data masking solution anonymizes the sensitive data of an entity (e.g., specific customer, order, device, etc.) in flight, ensuring that PII data is never compromised, and that the relational consistency of the masked data is always preserved. Data tokenization (a form of pseudonymization) is also available, where the data anonymization process is reversible.

K2view data masking tools support static data masking for test data management, and dynamic data masking for use cases such as customer 360 – from the same platform and same implementation.

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Data Masking Tools - Gartner

K2view gets top scores
in Gartner Peer Insights for Data Masking Tools

“High-end security for your sensitive information..."
“Innovative, fast and also scalable...”
“Excellent dynamic and static data masking...”


Comply with data privacy
and security regulations at scale


Locate your sensitive data


Masking all PII is impossible if you don't know where it is. Our data masking tools an auto-discovery mechanism, which scans your data sources, classifies PII/PHI, and then masks it according to pre-defined rules.

  • Classify and map sensitive data with the auto-discovery and integrated data catalog
  • Search metadata and database content on a granular level
  • Apply data masking functions to achieve full regulatory compliance
PII data discovery
Anonymize data in-flight


Anonymize data in-flight

  • Select from hundreds of out-of-the-box, format-preserving masking functions, including substitution, scrambling, randomizing, shuffling, switching, nulling-out, redaction, and replacing with fake, but realistic data.
  • Leverage real-time dynamic data de-identification to transform, obscure, or block access to sensitive data, as it is extracted from the source systems, based on roles, privileges, and locations.
  • Create your own custom data anonymization functions – code free  and publish them for team members to reuse


Purge PII from images and unstructured text

  • Protect unstructured data (images, PDFs, text files, and more) with static and dynamic data masking, and replace real photos with fake ones
  • Generate synthetic, digital versions of receipts, checks, contracts, and other items for testing purposes
  • Maintain referential context across structured and unstructured data
Unstructured data masking
Data masking tools from all sources


Anonymize data across all data sources

TDM screenSynthetic Data Generation
  • Integrate with any data source, technology, or vendor – on-premise, or in the  cloud.
  • Connect to relational databases, NoSQL sources, legacy systems, message queues, flat files, XML documents, and more.
  • Ensure referential integrity of the masked data through our patented approach of entity-based data masking.

The complete guide to entity-based data masking

  • Mask data, in-flight, with full relational integrity
  • Support static and dynamic data masking
  • Apply advanced and extendible data masking functions
  • Comply with privacy regulations and minimize data breaches
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Benefits of entity-based data masking

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Better data protection

With multiple levels of security and encryption

blue icons-web__Legacy Modernization-Benefit-3

Reduced risk of breaches

To uphold your company's reputation and brand

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Data masking

With implementation in weeks, instead of months

TDM Synthetic Data-1

More flexible deployment

In on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments


No-code, graphical configuration

For greater productivity and less burden on IT

TDM Web Service API-3

Future-proof solution

Designed to integrate with any and all data sources


Scalable architecture

Supporting any number of data sources

cost savingsTDM

Less expensive DB licensing

No additional license fees required per database

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