Data Product Platform

The only data platform that creates, manages, and delivers
Fortune-100 scale and real-time performance

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A revolutionary approach
to operational data management 

Enterprises use our platform to liberate and elevate their data, to become the most disruptive and agile companies in their markets. The platform enables data teams to transform their data into data products, making trusted data instantly accessible across the company.

Data product platform - democratizes data access

data access

Provide a 360-view of any business entity, to any authorized data consumer, in real time
Data product platform - elevates trust

data trust

Take action based on data you trust, because it's always complete, clean, and compliant
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Data product platform - agility

Quickly seize opportunities to improve customer experience, operational efficiency, and business growth
Our Secret Sauce: The Micro-Database™

One Micro-DB for every business entity

Say goodbye to querying massive, siloed DBs and then unifying, processing, and delivering the data via rigid and complex batch processes that are costly to build, run and maintain. 

Say hello to trusted data that's instantly accessible. Each business entity's data is managed in its own Micro-DB and kept fresh, unified, and compliant – ready to be accessed by any authorized consumers.

Data products at scale

Create. Manage. Deliver.

K2View Data Product Platform
K2View Data Product Platform

K2view Data Product Platform manages thousands of concurrent data products that continually sync, transform, mask, and serve trusted data through millions of Micro-Databases – delivering a real-time, holistic view of any business entity to any data consumer with real-time performance.

Manage the end-to-end lifecycle of data products


K2view Data Product Platform equips data teams with low-code/ no-code tools to manages the entire lifecycle of data products, from data product design, to deployment and ongoing change management.



Reusable and purpose-driven

Design data products
  • Data product auto-discovery and modeling
  • Data product catalog and lineage
  • Smart sync policies
  • Version control
  • Git integration
Design data products


Reliable and scalable

Engineer data products
  • Data connectivity to any source
  • Data integration and delivery in any method, batch or real time
  • Data transformation
  • Data enrichment
  • Data services via no-code/low-code


Engineer data products


Trusted and compliant

Govern data products
  • Data validation and cleansing
  • Data matching via business rules and fuzzy logic
  • Role-based access controls
  • Dynamic data masking
  • Synthetic data generation
Govern data products


Complete flexibility

Deploy data products
  • Deploy in any data architecture: data fabric, data mesh, or data hub
  • On-premise, private cloud, public cloud (iPaaS), or hybrid
  • Muti-node, multi-cluster for unmatched performance, scale, and resilience
  • Change management automation
Deploy data products


SLA, usage, and business value

Monitor data products
  • Data product observability
  • Data product usage, performance, and service-levels
  • Data drifting 
  • FinOps controls
Monitor data products

Architecture versatility

K2view future-proofs your data architecture.
Our Data Product Platform can be deployed in your architecture of choice: federated data mesh, centralized data fabric, or multi-domain data hub.


Data Mesh

Federated data management design, empowering business domains to create, use, govern, and share data products - autonomously

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Data Fabric

Modular, centralized data architecture, delivering an integrated layer of connected data for the enterprise

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Data Hub

Data exchange between data producers and consumers, through a central hub that orchestrates and governs data flows and use

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One platform
many use cases

Data Product Platform is a central data hub that delivers a real-time, trusted, and holistic view of any business entity to any authorized data consumer, application, data warehouse, data lake, or cloud integration services.


K2view technical deep-dive


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The K2view Data Product Platform is used by some of the most data-intensive enterprises in the world, including AT&T, Verizon, Global Payments, Farm Credit, IQVIA, Vodafone, DIRECTV, and more

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