Data integration and movement.

Finally, instant access to data you can trust.

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One platform for your
operational and analytical workloads

Reusable, scalable, and reliable data products

K2view data products package data with everything needed for its independent, safe use – that you can reuse across different workloads. K2view data products allow you to:

  • Hide the complexities of your underlying sources
  • Forge a common language between business and IT
  • Democratize data access  
  • Protect your data for authorized use
  • Elevate user trust in your company's data


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Now you can build and run data products at scale

With K2view Data Product Platform your data teams can whip up data products in a flash.
These data products neatly organize your fragmented data into 360° views of your business entities, making them accessible to operational and analytical workloads at lightning speed.

Easily manage the full data product lifecycle

K2Studio is the graphical, no-code/low-code tool that lets your data teams design, build, test, and deploy data products

  • 01 Design
  • 02 Engineer
  • 03 Govern
  • 04 Deploy
  • 05 Monitor


Reusable and purpose-driven

  • Data product auto-discovery and modeling
  • Data product catalog and lineage
  • Smart sync policies
  • Version control
  • Git integration
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Robust and reliable

  • Data connectivity to any source
  • Data integration and delivery in any method, batch or real time
  • Data transformation
  • Data enrichment
  • Data services via no-code/low-code


Trusted and compliant

  • Data validation and cleansing
  • Data matching via business rules and fuzzy logic
  • Role-based access controls
  • Dynamic data masking
  • Tokenized web service access
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Any architecture, anywhere

  • Deploy in any data architecture: data fabric, data mesh, or data hub
  • On-premise, private cloud, public cloud (iPaaS), or hybrid
  • Muti-node, multi-cluster for unmatched scale and resilience
  • Change management automation


SLA, usage, and business value

  • Data product observability
  • Schema drifting 
  • Data product usage, performance, and service-levels
  • FinOps controls
K2view Data Product Platform


See how easy it is to build data products

Experience how to use the K2view platform to:

  • Provide trusted, reusable data products
  • Democratize data access  
  • Protect your data for authorized use
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k2view Platform capabilities

Modular and comprehensive data product platform


Data Integration

Ingest and unify data from multiple sources, then pipeline it to target systems, always ensuring data integrity.

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Data Catalog

Discover and visualize metadata structure and lineage, from source to consuming web services.

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Data Governance

Control data access, integrity, privacy, and security – using configurable rules and processes.

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Data Virtualization

Provide a logical abstraction layer to underlying systems, to make it easy to access trusted data.

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Data-as-a-Service Automation

Generate, debug, and deploy data API services in minutes, with full access controls.

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Data Orchestration

Control data movement and data transformation, from source to target systems, code-free.

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K2view technical deep-dive

Learn about a radically different approach to enterprise data integration and management – using data products.

The K2view Data Product Platform is used by some of the most data-intensive enterprises in the world, including Verizon, Sun Life, Global Payments, Vodafone, Regions Bank, DIRECTV, and more


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Future-proof deployment

K2view Data Product Platform can be deployed in your architecture of choice:
federated data mesh, centralized data fabric, or multi-domain data hub.

data product platform - data mesh

Data Mesh

Federated data management empowers business domains to create, use, govern, and share data products - autonomously.
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Data Fabric

Data fabric architecture provides a centralized, connected layer of integrated data that democratizes cross-company data access.
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Data Hub

Data exchange between data producers and consumers, through a central hub that orchestrates and governs data flows and use
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Learn more about the Data Product Platform

What is a data product


Data Products 101:
What is a data product, and why you should care

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Is a Data Product Only Relevant for Data Mesh?

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What is a Data Product Manager?

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