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Provision reliable, accurate, and traceable data, at scale, for risk management and financial reporting.

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Elevate customer experience, comply with regulations, and fight financial fraud – with real-time insights.

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data integration

Integrate, aggregate, cleanse, and deliver structured and unstructured data to consuming applications.

Data-driven business initiatives for FSPs

Data governance, risk,
and privacy management

New regulations challenge the financial industry on an almost daily basis, due to national and regional legislation, competition concerns, and consumer demand. Human error accounts for the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions every year, while governments regularly levy multi-million-dollar fines for non-compliance with privacy laws.

Today, FSPs are tasked with adopting stringent data processes and standards to scale data governance operationally across the enterprise, while reducing the costs, and inefficiencies, associated with managing siloed data. Data governance enables financial institutions to implement policies and procedures controlling the management of data – quickly, securely, and at scale.

The incessant demand for new financial products and services, combined with the introduction of new customer interaction channels, has led to the tremendous growth in financial applications of all kinds. However, with customer data fragmented across so many systems, maintaining data privacy has become more difficult than ever. 

For financial institutions, privacy compliance has become an especially urgent concern. Data privacy management provides FSPs with a market-leading solution for automating customer data access requests, with its complete integration with any source data, and flexible DSAR automation workflows.


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Nowadays, there is virtually no need to ever step foot into a brick-and-mortar bank branch, stock brokerage, or the offices of an insurance agent, or financial/tax advisor. Financial service customers now transfer funds, make payments, apply for loans, invest, and purchase insurance, at the press of a button on a laptop, or smart phone app.

FSPs are in a unique position to take advantage of the digital playing field, by leveraging real-time operational intelligence to increase the amount of money each customer spends with them. Upselling and cross-selling existing clients is not only the fastest way to make a profit, but also much less expensive and time-consuming than acquiring new customers.

The K2View Data Product Platform, and patented Micro-Database™ technology, deliver real-time and trusted customer data to decisioning engines, machine learning algorithms, and customer analytics. Using K2View's financial data management solution, FSPs ingest, transform, secure, and orchestrate data from disparate data sources to deliver a trusted and complete view of the customer and business data.


To maintain a competitive edge, banks, brokerages, credit unions, and life insurance companies must rapidly be able to pinpoint, analyze, and predict customer demands.

By taking advantage of the huge volumes of customer data accumulated over time, they can run highly-personalized and effective marketing campaigns, and deliver an omnichannel customer experience across all touchpoints – ATMs, branch services, call centers, and mobile apps.

Customer 360 aggregates customer data from all systems into a high-scale, high-performance operational datastore. From there, real-time customer data can be delivered to any application, to drive a personalized next-best-action recommendation with the customer, across all channels.

Fortune 1000 bank orchestrates compliance in 3 days

The bank needed to consolidate data from multiple sources in order to execute daily compliance reports. K2View's financial data management solution improved execution performance by 150%.


Test data management


With financial data fragmented over so many systems, quickly provisioning high-quality test data at scale, has become a key issue. New apps need to be tested and rolled out fast to meet growing customer demand.

Test data management provides seamless access to the needed production data for testing from any number of systems, organizing and masking the data to suit your test cases, and then making that data continuously available for repeated test cycles in any environment. Test data is delivered on demand, in minutes, and with built-in data integrity – enabling shift-left testing, accelerating development cycles, increasing agility, and reducing costs.

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