No-Code Data Orchestration Tools.

Unify, transform, and enrich data from any source systems into any target applications – quickly and easily.

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Data at the speed of business

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Orchestrate the most complex data flows, visually

Intuitive graphical tool to transform, move, and orchestrate data flows

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Transform and unify fragmented data from existing systems

Dozens of pre-built data transformation functions for any job

Data Virtualization1

Generate data services that deliver data in real time

Low-code/no-code framework to generate data services in minutes

Data orchestration tool

Data orchestration made easy

Data orchestration tool

No-code data orchestration is facilitated by an intuitive graphical tool used to design data movement, transformation and business-flow orchestration. Featuring a powerful user interface for creating and debugging business and data flows, it also provides a high-performance execution engine employed wherever data movement and orchestration are needed. For example:

  • Micro-Database™ data population from external databases or REST APIs
  • Movement of data to external systems based on CDC or batch processes
  • Subscription to a message bus and consuming messages
  • Orchestration of scheduled activities through the Data Product Platform job system
  • Data transformation for web services
Data orchestration benefits

Flexible data orchestration

Data orchestration benefits

No-code data orchestration tools make it easy to connect to any data, from any source, and then transform it for any use – without writing any code.

They support all your data movement and transformation needs, for a wide range of operational use cases: from real-time fraud detection, based on a Customer 360, to protecting sensitive data via data masking tools.

No-code Data Orchestration

No-code data transformation

No-code Data Orchestration

Data that is ingested into Data Product Platform can be manipulated in elaborate ways using embedded data orchestration tools.

Support is provided for data cleansing, transformation, enrichment – data masking and tokenization – all without writing a single line of code.


Tight security with data products


Data products are revolutionizing data security.

data product delivers a full set of data on a particular business entity – such as a customer, passport, or SSN – managed within its own, secure Micro-Database.

Because K2view encrypts data at the individual Micro-Database level, there's no risk of a mass breach.

The K2view platform supports and secures operational and analytical use cases, and can be deployed in a data mesh or data fabric – on premises, in the cloud (iPaaS), or spanning hybrid environments.

Data Orchestration

Simple, fast access to data

Data Orchestration

The end-game of data orchestration is to deliver the desired data to consuming applications, on demand.

Data Product Platform automatically generates data services to provide authorized consuming applications with secure access to required data, in an instant. And because the platform supports standard ANSI SQL, it is easy to access and update the Micro-Databases - with the skills you already have.

Data orchestration tools and
key features

  • Dozens of out-of-the box data transformation functions
  • Ability to create custom transformation functions
  • Graphical, drag-and-drop data flow orchestration
  • Support for complex loops and conditional logic
  • Encapsulation of orchestration logic for reuse
  • Scheduling of bulk data transformations
  • Orchestration of data into microservices
  • Embedded debugger, for data presentation within orchestration flows

Achieve data harmony

with No-Code Data Orchestration

Manage and process enterprise data – even in the most complex technical environments – code free.

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