Dynamic Data Virtualization Tools

Go beyond traditional data virtualization by selecting what, where, when, and how to virtualize.

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Dynamic Data Virtualization Tools

A logical, semantic layer over your data sources

Democratize enterprise data access

Data Virtualization Tools | K2view

K2view Dynamic Data Virtualization ingests data from underlying sources, unifies it according to a semantic layer, transforms and enriches it, employs data masking, and ultimately makes it available to consuming applications and data analysts.

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Dynamic Data Virtualization

Enterprise data integration and delivery, simplified


Easily access data by business entities

Data abstraction removes complexities

K2view data virtualization tools simplify data access and integration, from a wide range of underlying data sources, formats, and technologies.

  • Live data is accessed through a logical abstraction layer whose schema includes all relevant tables for a business entity (customer, product, loan, etc.).

  • Distributed queries are executed against the data sources, regardless of their technologies, with sub-second response time.

  • The logical layer serves as a common language between data producers and consumers, facilitating intuitive access to enterprise data.

Data abstraction enables data virtualization
Data virtualization tools for processing and enriching data

Built-in Data processing, enrichment, and auditing

Beyond traditional data virtualization

With K2view Dynamic Data Virtualization tools, data teams decide which data will be virtualized and which will be persisted in a Micro-Database™ along the way. This is an advantage when you need to:

  • Control tradeoffs between query performance and data freshness.

  • Minimize the load on your source systems.

  • Enrich your source data.  

  • Apply Reverse ETL to update your source systems with insights from your analytical workloads.

  • Log changes made to an entity, to analyze it over time.

Pull or push the data

Access any data in any method

K2view enables authorized data consumers with real-time access to the data they need, without requiring an understanding of the underlying data sources.

  • Adapters are provided to all relational and non-relational DBs and file systems.
  • Data can be queried ("pulled") via APIs or JDBC, or delivered ("pushed") via data streaming or messaging methods.
  • Dynamic data virtualization tools assure unmatched high-speed, high-scale data delivery, from sources to targets.
By combining in-memory caching and business entity data consolidation, K2view achieves sub-second response times even for very complex queries that span multiple disparate sources.
Data virtualization tools that access any data source

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Beyond traditional data virtualization

K2view Data Product Platform enables authorized data consumers with real-time access to the data they need, without requiring an understanding of the underlying data sources. Learn how in this demo video.

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Data virtualization tools demo

"K2view offers a capability called Dynamic Data Virtualization...this ability to decide which data will be stored physically, and which will be virtualized, provides advantages in terms of performance optimization and load management on source systems.

Ehtisham Zaidi   l  VP Analyst, Gartner

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