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Now that you know what we do, a few words on who does it.


We didn’t set out to revolutionize things.
We just wanted to find a faster, better way for businesses to access and control their data.

Easily. And without any downsides. Along the way, we created something bigger than any of us imagined. And, we all have pretty good imaginations.

K2View is a software company that provides a data-as-service platform that enables enterprises to access the data they want in real time, in a simplified format, to fit any purpose and shift transformation into the fast lane. Really.

Our vision? To enable every industry and every organization to quickly and easily access and control all their data.

The company was founded in Israel in 2009 by Rafi Cohen and Achi Rotem, veterans of global telecommunications tech leaders Amdocs, Sprint-Nextel and TTI. The founders initially tackled the challenge of creating a faster and more reliable process to extract, transform and load (ETL) large databases from one platform to another. This led to the creation of the K2View Fabric platform, which is now the basis of solutions across many industries and use cases.

With offices in Israel, Dallas and Atlanta, K2View is a global company serving large enterprises in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Achi Rotem

CEO & Co-founder

Rafi Cohen

COO & Co-founder

Mony Ben-Avi

Executive Vice President, Global Communications & Media

Aaron Fullen

Executive Vice President

Lesli Mais

Vice President of People

Roni Yustman

Legal Counsel

Steven D. Kostyshen

CEO & Chairman of the Board

Nick Lazzaro

Chief Evangelist, Board Member & Advisor

Achi Rotem

Co-founder / CTO

Rafi Cohen

Co-founder / COO

Doug Pauly

Board Member

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