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4 billion micro-DBs

We manage more databases than all the world’s cloud vendors, combined, with our open, scalable, Data Fabric

200 msec from source to target

We power data operations with real-time responsiveness, from any source, to any target, in any format

10x fastertime to value

Our customers implement the K2View Data Fabric in weeks, and easily adapt it, without disrupting the business


2 guys and a dream

In 2009, 2 guys from the telco industry decided to open up their own technology company. They didn’t quite know what the company would do, but both Achi and Rafi, who were born in the heartland of northern Israel, did know the values they wanted the company to stand for: Fairness to its employees, fairness to its partners, and fairness to its customers.

Headquartered in northern Israel, K2View today employs some 200 people globally, from all walks of life, nationalities, and genders – with an impact far greater than our numbers. Together, we empower some of the largest enterprises to undergo digital transformation, break their dependence on monolithic application and data giants, retire and modernize legacy systems as they move to the cloud, comply with data privacy regulations, and take control of all of their data – to become more data-driven, and much more agile.

We do all this with our revolutionary way of looking at data. To learn more, we encourage you to read the rest of the pages of this website. To start, there’s no place like Home.

Our values

Leveraging customer success to build lasting relationships

Embracing diversity to build togetherness

Working together to build trust

Focusing on business impact to build success

Harnessing innovation to build game-changing solutions

Latest updates

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Our offices


Working worldwide

With offices in the US, Europe, and Israel, K2View serves some of the world's largest enterprises. Together with our partners and customers, we create trusted, holistic, secure, and real-time customer and business digital entities.