The market was asking for privacy – and we listened

Tally Netzer

Tally Netzer

Product Marketing Manager, K2View

Every so often, you get lucky, and the problem comes to you. And this is one of those times.
Our world is full of problems looking for solutions and then, there are solutions that are looking for problems. You probably know a few cases like this.

Just before California’s CCPA data protection regulation went into effect, we were approached by one of our tier-1 telco customers. The compliance problem our customer faced centered around fulfilling Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). This requirement, shared by all data privacy regulations, grants consumers the right to access, modify, and even delete some, or all, of their personal data. The clock was ticking, and the available solutions were not able to deliver on their privacy compliance automation promise. Instead, our client was told to process the data manually.

But this customer’s IT environment spanned dozens of on-premise, and cloud-based, systems. With manual data processing, DSAR fulfilment would not only be super expensive, it would also be virtually impossible to meet the regulatory time limits.

That’s why they came to us.

If you’re reading this blog post, there’s a good chance you already know about K2View and what we do. But for those who don’t, K2View provides an operational Data Fabric comprised of millions, and even billions, of Micro-Databases™. Each micro-DB represents everything a company knows about a single business entity – customer in the data privacy management domain.


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In a February 2021 451 Research report by S&P Global Market Intelligence, entitled “K2View reweaves Data Fabric for PrivacyOps with new Data Privacy Management offering”, Paige Bartley writes, “With each customer or data subject having its data consolidated and managed based on identity, K2View DPM leverages its underlying K2View Data Fabric architecture to securely deliver that data wherever it is needed, for whatever purpose, in near-real-time.”


What the telco realized is that our customer-centric way of organizing data, makes it easy to process DSARs. Fast-forward 3 months, and our client was CCPA-compliant with K2View. And 6 months later, we productized our Data Privacy Management offering.