Data-as-a-Service Automation

Generate, debug, and deploy data API services in minutes, within an easy-to-use, low-code/no-code framework.

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DaaS and Data API Service Automation
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Drive agility via data services

Instantly expose operational data
via secure web service APIs


Data-as-a-service automation

Service-enable your data


K2view enables data teams to generate high-performance web service APIs that provide real-time, trusted access to multi-source data.

  • K2view Data Product Platform continually ingests data from source systems, and organizes it by business entities (e.g., customers, loans, products, employees).

  • The data for each entity is secured and compressed into its own Micro-Database™, then cached into memory.

  • Data engineers use K2Studio to generate secure web services that query these cached, always-fresh Micro-Databases.

  • Data web services deliver trusted data to authorized data consumers, with sub-second response times. 

Data-as-service automation tools
Data-as-a-Service (DaaS): no-code framework

low-code/no-code data-as-a-service framework

Generate secure data services in minutes


K2view Data Product Platform includes a comprehensive low-code/no-code framework for developers to rapidly create, orchestrate, debug, govern, and deploy data service APIs.

  • Point-and-click, graphical web service builder.

  • Visual orchestration of data services into  composite services.
  • Visual debugger enables developers to rapidly pinpoint and fix errors.
  • Data API services are secured via API keys or web tokens.

Gracefully handle schema drifts

Automated change management


Modifications made to the underlying data sources typically require subsequent changes to data schemas and the data API services that utilize them.

  • K2view handles such changes automatically, without any downtime.

  • Data source changes (e.g., new fields, new tables) are automatically identified and flagged via alerts.

  • When a data API service is invoked against a Micro-Database (for a specific business entity), its schema and data are automatically updated, in milliseconds.

Data as a Service (DaaS): Automated change management

key features and capabilities

Data-as-a-Service Automation


Auto-generate data API services, code-free 

Service orchestration

Orchestrate data service flows visually

Visual debugging

Identify and fix issues using a visual debugger

Easy API testing

Invoke and test data APIs using embedded Swagger

1-Click deployment

Deploy data API services with a single click

Service tokenization

Authenticate data consumers via tokens

Change management

Handle schema changes automatically

Deploy in any architecture

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Data-as-a-Service Automation
in Action

K2view Data Product Platform enables authorized data consumers with real-time access to the data they need via secured web service APIs. Learn how in this platform demo.

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Data as a Service (DaaS) demo

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K2View Data Product Platform


K2view Data Product Platform

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