Data Anonymization tool for Software Testing

Test Data Anonymization

Anonymize data from any production source and provision compliant, realistic test data for rigorous software testing.

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data anonymization tool for software testing

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Automated PII discovery and classification

Discover your sensitive data

You can't mask Personally Identifiable Information (PII) if you don't know where it is. Benefit from a built-in discovery tool that automatically classifies PII/PHI data, and then masks it in-flight, as it is ingested by K2tdm.

  • Customize predefined rules for identifying PII for GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, HIPAA compliance and more.
  • Scan and classify your sensitive data automatically.
  • Apply data masking functions to sensitive data when it is ingested by K2tdm, for full regulatory compliance
Data anonymization tool and automated discovery

Hundreds of prebuilt masking functions

Customizable data anonymization

Test data from production sources is masked on-the-fly before it arrives to your K2tdm test data store. 

  • Dozens of built-in masking functions, with the ability to customize them, code-free.
  • Preservation of data format ensures test data utility for software testing

  • Business entity approach ensures referential integrity is always maintained.
Data anonymization tool and functions


Purge PII from unstructured and semistructured files

Privacy regulations do not distinguish between structured and unstructured data. 

  • Protect PII in unstructured files (images, PDFs, text files) and semistructured files (XML, CSV, JSON)
  • Generate synthetic, digital versions of receipts, checks, contracts, and other items for testing purposes
  • Maintain referential context across structured and unstructured data
unstructured data anonymization tool

K2view gets top scores in Gartner Peer Insights

"K2view Data Masking has been a game-changer for us.

It efficiently transforms massive amounts of raw data from multiple streams into reliable, masked data. This enables our dev and QA teams to quickly develop efficient products and access test data instantly."


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Data anonymization

Anonymize production data in flight to ensure compliance with regulations.

Data anonymization

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Data subsetting

Provision a data subset from multiple systems using business parameters.

Data Subsetting

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Synthetic data generation

Create synthetic data for multiple systems based on user-defined business rules.

Synthetic data generation

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