Data Governance Tools

Ensure data quality, and enforce data privacy controls, to make trusted data easily accessible at enterprise scale

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Data Governance Tools
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The data product approach to data governance

Data governance done right

Data Governance Tools by K2view

K2view applies a data product approach to data governance, which is business-oriented and real-time at its core. data product organizes and delivers a trusted dataset related to a business entity – such as a customer, supplier, or invoice – to authorized data consumers. K2view  manages every entity's dataset in its own, encrypted Micro-Database™, ensuring that it's always fresh, cleansed, compliant, and instantly accessible.

Data products can be created and governed by business domains, in a data mesh architecture and operating model. Alternatively, they can be engineered and governed by centralized data teams in data fabric architecture. The data product approach to data governance forges a common language with the business, and makes data governance easier to measure.

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Data governance increases trust


A data product approach

Sustainable data governance


K2view data governance tools enforce data quality, compliance, usability, integrity, and security.  

Data governance via data products, where data is managed by business entities, improves the trustworthiness of the data, fueling key operational initiatives, such as Customer 360, MDM, Cloud Migration, Test Data Management, and more. 

  • Easily set and enforce data quality rules in the context of a business entity.
  • Discover and anonymize personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI).
  • Tokenize financial cardholder data (CHD) in support of PCI/DSS, while storing the sensitive CHD in secured, high-performance micro-vaults.
Sustainable data governance
Data governance tools for data privacy

peace of mind

Data privacy assurance


While consumers expect their sensitive data to be protected, enterprises are amassing huge volumes of customer data, in dozens of systems.

To manage this data and comply with a continuously growing number of privacy regulations, companies must quickly identify and control access to an individual’s personal data. 

K2view ensures data privacy, enabling organizations to comply with current and future domestic and international regulations. 

  • Automatically process DSARs: data access, updates, and deletion.
  • Adapt to new privacy laws with simple configuration changes.
  • Trace personal information, from data sources to data consumers. 


Adopt a game-changing
data governance and compliance strategy

This whitepaper highlights a data governance model anchored in both data strategy and operational models, as subscribed by analyst firm Gartner. It describes why governing data, in real-time, by business entities, is a game changer for data governance and compliance

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data governance and compliance whitepaper
Test Data Management Tools - Gartner Report

tools and capabilities

Entity-based data governance

Data catalog

Always up-to-date inventory of your data assets, across systems


Automated data discovery
and classification of your data assets

Entity modeling

Data governance by business entities ensures an outcome-first approach

Data quality

Rule-based data quality enforcement and exception workflows

Dynamic data masking

Dynamic data masking by user role protects sensitive PII and PHI

Data tokenization

Data tokenization protects sensitive cardholder data (CHD)

Data lineage

Data lineage provides data traceability  from sources to consumers

DSAR automation

Data subject access request (DSAR) workflow and data automation

Active Metadata

Data usage and active metadata analysis across the data fabric

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Beyond traditional data governance

K2view Data Product Platform enables authorized data consumers with access to the data they need, while enforcing data quality and privacy standards. Learn how in this live product demo.

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The Data Product Approach to Data Governance

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real-time data governance tools

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