Real-Time Data Governance Tools.

Ensure data quality, and enforce data privacy and security controls, to make trusted data easily accessible at enterprise scale

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Data governance increases trust

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Real-time access, under full control

Provide authorized data consumers with access to the trusted data they need, when they need it

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360 view
of the business

Unify and normalize fragmented data by business entity for easy access to quality data

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Security without compromise

Encrypt and mask data at the business entity level for maximum data privacy and security

Data governance is getting harder

Data governance is getting harder

Enterprises face a wide range of challenges in setting up centralized or federated, well-governed data management architectures.

Governance of fragmented data
As companies grow, so does the number of disparate applications and data sources. Each data source or system has its own data governance and security rules, and none are shared across the enterprise.

Cross-company data inconsistencies
Many domains within an enterprise use their own tools and services to access and update data from enterprise business applications. This creates information inconsistencies, complicates data usage data lineage analysis, and results in a lack of trust in the data. 

Everyone needs to access data
Data needs to be easily accessible by all data consumers, in any method (ETL, streaming, messaging, virtualization, and so on), in a secured and controlled manner that ensures ethical use. 

Make trusted data instantly accessible at enterprise scale.

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Data governance done right
– by data products

K2view data governance

K2view applies a data product approach to data governance, which is business-oriented and real-time at its core.

data product is a reusable data asset that organizes and delivers a trusted dataset for a business entity – such as a customer, supplier, or invoice – to authorized data consumers. It manages every entity's dataset in its own, encrypted Micro-Database™, ensuring that it's fresh and instantly accessible at all times.

This business entity-centric approach to data governance makes it easy to understand, easy to measure, and easy to engage business leaders to gain executive sponsorship.

Data products can be created and governed by federated business domains, in a data mesh architecture and operating model. Alternatively, they can be engineered and governed by centralized data teams in data fabric architecture.  

Sustainable Data Governance

Sustainable data governance

Sustainable Data Governance

Real-time data governance tools ensure data quality, availability, usability, integrity, and security for the enterprise.

Data governance via data products, where data is managed by business entities, not only improves the trustworthiness and quality of the data, it also fuels key business initiatives, and assures regulatory compliance through dynamic data masking.

Customer-centric industries, such as financial services and healthcare, are under intense pressure to protect the privacy of their customers’ data. To make matters even more complicated, different countries and states areas are enacting specific data protection laws, such as GDPR and CCPA, requiring data masking tools for data privacy, and data tokenization for data security.

For all these reasons, real-time data governance tools have become a key business need for data-driven enterprises, and is built into Data Product Platform.


Adopt a game-changing data governance and compliance strategy


This whitepaper highlights a data governance model anchored in both data strategy and operational models, as subscribed by analyst firm Gartner. It describes why governing data, in real-time, by business entities, is a game changer for data governance and compliance.

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Data governance tools and data masking

Data privacy is a key consumer concern

Data governance tools and data masking

While customers expect that their sensitive information be protected, enterprises are amassing huge volumes of customer data, from many different sources.

To manage all this data, and comply with a continuously growing number of privacy regulations, companies must be able to quickly identify, and control access to an individual’s personal data. 

With an embedded data catalog for managing metadata, data teams can trace personal information, from application to customer data sources.

Real-time data governance tools also include data privacy management functionality, capable of automatically processing DSARs (including data access and updates), adapting to new privacy laws with simple configuration changes, and complying with any emerging legislation, easily and non-invasively.

Key data governance tools and capabilities

  • Holistic data governance applied by business entity
  • Automated data discovery
    and seamless data integration
  • Dynamic data masking protects customer's personal information
  • Data encryption applied with a unique key per business entity instance
  • Rule-based data quality remediation and workflows
  • Data lineage analysis and metadata management
  • Tokenization of web services for access control management
  • Data usage and active metadata analysis across the data fabric

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