K2View Fabric Wins 451 Firestarter Award

K2View Marketing

K2View Marketing

This week, K2View Fabric was awarded the 451 Firestarter Award in Invisible Infrastructure for “tackling the challenge of real-time data integration and exposure at scale.” We’re proud to be recognized as an innovator for our approach to data management, but what makes K2View Fabric different?

The answer is simple – we’ve taken a fundamentally different approach to data management through two key concepts: the micro-database and 360X. Let’s break it down.

Micro-databases are fundamentally different

Simply put, a micro-database is just that: a small database. The key difference is that the (patented) K2View micro-database is built around a specific entity – that could be an individual, a product, a payment, you name it.

This is foundationally different from traditional data management. Relational databases tend to support specific applications, while data lakes like Hadoop are focused on processing large amounts of unstructured data. K2View, on the other hand, is focused on delivering fast and holistic data around a single entity.

Let’s say you need to see a customer’s data. The critical difference here is that K2View Fabric enables a complete view of every customer at the individual customer level, rather than in the aggregate or at the per-application level. And you’re not just limited to a customer. It can be any entity, such as an individual product, payment, or sensor- whatever entity is most important to the business.

The key value of this approach is that it delivers 360-degree data access to any entity, which brings us to 360X.

360X creates more value from your data

K2View Fabric delivers 360X – a 360-degree view of X, with X being any entity that matters to your business. This could be 360Customer, 360Network, 360Product. You choose the entity that needs to be assessed. Think of 360X as the value you get by taking a micro-database approach to managing your data.

360X enables you to use data in context of your business needs, allowing you to do things like:

  • Create a customer data hub that delivers a holistic view of your customers in real time
  • Connect the dots between customers and other entities that matter to your business, such as products or payments
  • Gain a full understanding of what is happening to a specific entity.

The beauty of 360X is that the value begins to compound quickly. As you develop more 360-degree views, you can begin to correlate them for new value. For example, if you have a 360Customer and a 360Product, you can correlate the customer to the product and understand things like, “The product is down, these customers are impacted, so let’s make them a proactive offer based on their history.” The correlation surfaces an opportunity to take action on your data – all in real time.

And that’s just the start. If you’re interested in understanding 451 Research’s take on K2View, you can download the report here.