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Imagine all the data for each business entity stored in its own Micro-Database™.
Always fresh, and instantly accessible by authorized consumers.

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An always-fresh 360-view for each individual business entity

Built for real-time operations

Manages a complete, clean, and compliant dataset for a business entity, enabling instant access to authorized data consumers

Always fresh
and insightful

Continually updated from the entity's underlying source systems, and augmented with real-time, situational awareness

Most scalable,
lowest TCO

K2view Data Product Platform manages billions of Micro-Databases concurrently, at a fraction of the cost of DBMS alternatives

Think “micro data lake”

A Micro-Database functions as a data lake of one, unifying and harmonizing all the data, from all relevant source systems, for a specific customer, order, loan, etc.. 

  • 01 Accessible in ms
  • 02 In sync
  • 03 Secured
  • 04 Compliant
  • 05 Augmented
  • 06 ACID-compliant
  • 07 Distributed
  • 08 Cached or persisted

01Accessible in ms

Accessible in ms

Accessible in milliseconds, by authorized data consumers, in any method: SQL, APIs, CDC, messaging, and streaming.

Accessible in ms

02In sync

In sync

The Micro-Database synced with the underlying source systems based on user-defined policies.

In sync



Each Micro-Database is secured with its own, unique 256-bit encryption key, ensuring that a mass data breach is an impossible event.




Personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive data is masked or tokenized in flight, ensuring compliance with data privacy and security regulations.




The Micro-Database can be augmented with insights from from real-time analytics, decisioning engines, ML models, or external sources.




Micro-Databases are ACID-compliant, and can serve as the system of record for new applications.




Micro-Databases are stored in a distributed data store, like Apache Cassandra or Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and are therefore highly scalable.


08Cached or persisted

Cached or persisted

The Micro-Database can be cached into memory, persisted, or virtualized, for optimal performance.

Cached or persisted

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Powered by data products

Micro-Databases are managed by data products

Micro-Databases are created, processed, governed, and accessed by data products. The metadata for a data product defines the following Micro-Database attibutes:

  • Schema, auto-discovered and containing all the Micro-Database tables and fields required to capture the entity data

  • Synchronization rules, for how/when the Micro-Database is synced with sources

  • Algorithms, that transform, process, enrich, and mask raw data into the Micro-Database

  • Data integration methods, including CDC, JDBC, Kafka, data services, and more

  • Data transformation, with orchestration from target to source

  • Governance, ensuring data quality, privacy, and security

Entity-based Data Integration Tools

Learn from the best

Teresa Tung

Cloud First Chief Technologist, Accenture

Watch Accenture Cloud First Chief Technologist, Teresa Tung, holder of 220 patents, explain the concept of operational data products in a data mesh, and how Micro-Databases are a key enabler.

The Micro-Database

Unique advantages for
operational data management

Real-time performance

Instead of querying massive tables with complex joins, query one Micro-Database in milliseconds.

Freshness and relevance

Sync policies ensure your data is as fresh as you need it to be, without impacting underlying systems.

Full trust

Each Micro-Database provides a 360° view of complete, clean, compliant entity data, for a single source of truth.

Data virtualization

Built-in support for data virtualization provides an easy-to-access logical abstraction layer.

Data transformation

Micro-Database technology allows for data transformation of unprecedented sophistication.


Metadata discovery and data classification accelerate implementation.

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Powered by data products

K2view data products create and manage billions
of Micro-Databases that are smart and self-aware.
Learn how in this demo video.

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