New in Fabric 6.1 and TDM 6.1

Sarah Carlton

Sarah Carlton

April and May have been productive months here at K2View. Both Fabric 6.1 and TDM 6.1 were released. In addition to minor fixes, there are several changes to both applications that make life for the consumer more efficient. Highlights from these releases are below, as well as a brief explanation on what that means for you.


Simplified Operations

The streamlining in Fabric 6.1 means there is greater stability and less time spent doing maintenance tasks. Removing task interruptions and enhancing monitoring capabilities with new simple commands allows developers to actively share an environment simultaneously and have a holistic view of all current tasks.

Improved Data Integration Capabilities

K2View Fabric now includes commands that enable real-time data tracking. Due to the new real-time debugging in Fabric, your team will spend less time on code maintenance. Writing code and tasks, error tracking, and pulling data have become more efficient due to the new Change Data Capture (CDC). Along with CDC comes the new ElasticSearch integration that allows for a seamless Digital Entity search and even has predictive capabilities to help on especially large projects.


Support for Digital Entity Selection

In TDM 6.1, there is now support for Digital Entity selection in tasks. This new feature presents a multi-select ability for the Digital Entity and multiple Logical Units (LU). This time-saving capability means that the consumer will no longer have to select LUs for extraction individually.

New Reports

Reporting in TDM has been vastly improved in 6.1. Replace Sequence Reports now offer support for tasks with multiple LUs, providing more relevant information and making it easier to track all tasks. Also, there is now an execution report that, when generated, presents an execution summary of all related LUs of the specific task.

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