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    Table of Contents

    GDPR compliance software: What is it, why you need it, and what to look for

    Tally Netzer

    Tally Netzer

    Product Marketing Manager, K2view

    Since GDPR became part of our world, it has influenced data-related practices within and outside of Europe. When the law passed in 2016, companies worldwide started preparing for it, and new tech solutions emerged, offering ways to simplify and speed up the process.

    GDPR is only one of several privacy regulations, and new laws are added and updated at a growing pace. GDPR may be most relevant to companies operating in or catering to the European market, but even when it doesn’t apply, the message to companies regarding future legislation in the field is clear. This means that practically any business in the world is examining relevant compliance management software solutions. The following lines offer valuable insights regarding the necessary capabilities they should look for.

    Privacy = data

    Fun fact: The word “privacy” doesn’t appear in GDPR’s name or any of its chapter titles. Instead, the legislator chose to use the word “data,” which has become synonymous with privacy. That’s because the most significant and critical privacy protection needs revolve around data.

    For this reason, we would expect every GDPR compliance software to be data-focused. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Some businesses still believe that you can address data privacy using a solution that’s not data-first. Workflow management tools slap a band-aid on the problem and only approach the customer-facing part, leaving the real data processing methodology exposed, and forcing compliance teams to rely on manual labor.

    It’s important to remember that the fundamental principles of GDPR and other data protection laws are manifested in a company’s approach to data processing. Users’ right to access their data and the right to be forgotten, for example, both depend on an organization’s ability to gather all the relevant information from every corner of every system. Any mistake will withhold relevant information, potentially damaging users’ rights and exposing the company to fines. That’s why K2View’s Data Privacy Management solution manages user data on the individual level.

    What to look for in your GDPR compliance software

    In addition to being data-focused, a company’s chosen compliance software must answer the following requirements:

    Flexible: Work with compliance management software that’s flexible enough to address other regulations. Your GDPR compliance software should also act as the CCPA compliance software.

    Updated: Existing laws continue to update, and so must your chosen software. Once again, adaptability is key.

    Comprehensive: Any GDPR compliance software solution you choose should be holistic enough to address different data-related actions covered by the law. For example, don’t use software so specific it only handles email communications, or alerts users, without offering any prevention measures.

    Easily integrated: It’s essential that you’re able to easily integrate your existing systems with any GDPR data solution and that your workflow and service will not be harmed in any way.

    Secure: Data protection means data safety, and the software should keep users’ data secure from leaks and breaches as well as minimize the damage if they occur.

    Business-savvy: Embrace solutions that understand your business conduct and needs. For instance, large enterprises have unique requirements, and so do financial companies.

    Cost-effective: The tools you use must eventually reduce the total operational costs of your compliance efforts, taking into account all relevant factors.

    Scalable: A solid GDPR compliance software can easily perform all of the above, at scale.

    GDPR and other data privacy laws are not to be ignored. By early 2020, the fines issued based on this regulation have reached a total of $126 million. To face this challenge without compromising the product or service they offer, organizations need a solution that works with them and not against them. The right, comprehensive GDPR compliance software will allow companies to go about their business, while keeping them, and their customers, safe.

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