We have a new View for K2View.com

Achi Rotem, CEO

Achi Rotem, CEO

CEO, K2View

New K2View logo and website

Companies operate “under the radar”, or “in stealth mode”, as they wait for product readiness, first orders, revenue milestones, or an initial investment.

For the past 11 years, we’ve been running K2View mostly under the radar. Creative advertising agencies (“boutique shops”) typically don’t engage in self-promotion – they’re so good, and different, they don’t have to. They can count on word-of-mouth marketing. And that has been our modus operandi to date. For those less familiar with K2View and what we do, our operational data fabric organizes fragmented, structured and unstructured enterprise data in such way that it can be easily discovered, governed, secured, and accessed for operational use. With confidence.

Say cheese

As the saying goes, “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.” Perhaps the data industry’s best kept secret, K2View has been operating via word of mouth alone – and growing around 100%, year over year. And, with customers like AT&T, DirecTV, Farm Credit, Hertz, and Verizon, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Until now, we’ve focused all of our investments into making our product the market’s best – and enabling our customers to succeed in a big way.

After our latest funding round, we decided to pay back our marketing debt to the enterprise industry. To strengthen our go-to-market efforts, we now have to turn K2View from an unknown, into a well-known.

Brand refresh to go

With a new, world-class marketing team in place, we spent the last 4 months getting our brand, positioning, and story down to a creative science. Check out our new website, that encapsulates all three.

K2View website

But we didn’t start from scratch. The K2View brand already had an excellent reputation, and strong foundation (just ask any one of our enterprise customers) – all we had to do was add some shape, color, and careful positioning to tell our remarkable story.


The K2View logo is now circular, to symbolize the critical elements of our positioning: 360 degrees, data continuity, and microservices. It also symbolizes our patented Digital Entity™ and Micro-Database™, the atoms, so to speak, of the business data universe. The circle is blue, which conveys innovation, clarity, and the limitlessness of the sky. And we made K2 more prominent, because although it’s the hardest mountain to climb, the view from the top is truly panoramic, and end-to-end.

K2View Brand book

Stating our case – the #1 operational data fabric

We’re planting our flag on the peak, as the world’s one and only operational data fabric provider. You’ll be hearing a lot about that, from us, in the coming weeks. You can also expect us to provide educational, thought-provoking content, innovative data fabric use cases, as well as shared customer experiences, and wisdom – on an ongoing basis.