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K2view is a certified AppExchange partner, providing data teams with a robust, reliable, and scalable means to quickly integrate their enterprise data into Salesforce applications – driving greater value and adoption of Salesforce.


K2view and Accenture partner to deliver K2view’s Data Product Platform on a global scale, servicing enterprises in use cases such as Customer 360, Data Governance, Data Tokenization, Cloud Migration, and more. 


K2view provisions fresher, faster data to Snowflake - for use in its "data-warehouse-as-a-service" offering. Ranked first on the Forbes Cloud 100, Snowflake was the first to effectively separate between data storage and computing in the cloud.

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Data fabric continually ingests fragmented data from enterprise systems, unifies it by business entity, and saves every instance into its own micro-DB. 


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K2view Data Product Platform is open and easily extensible to quickly integrate with third party software platforms. With integration to K2view Data Product Platform, ISVs enable their customers to rapidly integrate, unify, normalize, and deliver quality data from their customers’ existing systems, into the ISV platform – and back to the underlying systems.

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Providing our implementation partners with a new revenue stream

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K2view implementation partners gain a competitive edge by offering and delivering the industry’s leading operational data fabric to their customers. Examples of K2view Data Product Platform projects include:

  • Customer 360
  • Data privacy and compliance
  • Operational intelligence
  • Enabling DataOps
  • Test Data Management
  • Multi-domain MDM

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A structured certification program that enables our partners to excel with their K2view knowledge

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Thorough instructor-led
and self-paced online training
of the K2view products

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K2view Knowledge Base

Detailed online product documentation with a Q&A repository and best practices

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