Cloud Data Integration (iPaaS)

Simplify and accelerate cloud data integration, from any source
to any target, for both operational and analytical use cases.

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Data and API integration

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Any source to any target

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No-code tooling

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Data product approach

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Real time and batch integration

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One cloud platform for all
data integration use cases

K2view Cloud Data Integration ingests, transforms, organizes, and delivers data by business entity, to fuel a broad range of workloads.

One cloud platform supports all data integration use cases

Learn how to integrate
cloud data quickly and easily

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Ingest and deliver data by business entities

K2view takes a data product approach to cloud data integration. A data product bundles data with everything that’s required to safely deliver it.

  • Multi-source data is ingested, organized, and delivered by business entities – e.g., customer, loan, order.

  • The schema for a business entity is auto-discovered and auto-classified from the underlying source systems.

  • In-flight data masking is applied to ensure that entity data remains secure and compliant.

  • Data transformation and enrichment processes are employed.

Ingest and deliver data by business entities
Any source, to any target, anywhere


Any source, to any target, anywhere

K2view integrates data from any data source to any data target, in any format, across cloud and on-premise environments.

  • Dozens of pre-built connectors to relational databases, NoSQL sources, legacy MFs, flat files, lakes, and more.

  • Supported data integration and delivery methods include bulk ETL, virtualization, streaming, log-based data changes, message-based data integration, and APIs.

  • Support for hybrid, multi-cloud and inter-cloud data integration use cases


No-code data orchestration and transformation

K2view cloud data integration includes no-code tooling for defining, testing, and debugging data transformations.

  • Basic transformations: Data type conversions, string manipulations, numerical calculations, data validation.

  • Intermediate transformations: Lookup/replace via reference files, aggregations, matching, enrichment, and cleansing.

  • Advanced transformations: Complex parsing, unstructured data processing, text mining, and correlations.

  • Execute multi-stage orchestration flows across applications and data sources.

No-code data orchestration, transformation and web service generator


No-code web service generator

K2view cloud data integration includes no-code web service generator used to auto-create, version, test, debug, deploy, and monitor secured web service APIs.

  • Generate composite services accessible through APIs or events by assembling them from pre-existing applications, services, and data sources.

  • Data services can ingest internal data and external data (e.g., social media, weather data) via inbound API consumption.

  • Data engineers can customize the data services via Java.

  • Built-in RBAC and ABAC enhance security and simplifies compliance with data privacy regulations

  • Unparalleled performance as APIs are executed against in-memory data. 


Observability and change management

Cloud data integration observability and change management capabilities:

  • Changes to the micro-DB schema are fully automated and do not require any downtime.

  • The data schema for each micro-DB is versioned.

  • Fully integrated with GIT (e.g., for data product model management, and data pipeline metadata).

  • Deployment and building artifacts can be performed by 3rd party tools to support CI/CD.

  • Observing data pipelines via Data/Orchestration Pipeline Monitor.

Observability and change management

K2view cloud data integration capabilities

Any data sources

Connectors to hundreds of data sources and applications on-premise and on cloud

Any delivery method

Multiple data delivery styles, including CDC, ETL, streaming, and messaging

No-code/ low-code

No-code and low-code tooling to support varying levels of data engineering expertise

Data transformation

Data transformation of unprecedented sophistication


Metadata discovery and data classification accelerate implementation

Data governance

Built-in tools for data governance, lineage, and usage capabilities

Dynamic data masking

Dynamic data masking ensures regulatory compliance 

Real-time performance

Manages hundreds of concurrent pipelines, and billions of Micro-Databases

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iPaaS Cloud Data Integration

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iPaaS: A Better Approach to the Cloud Data Pipeline

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