Data management for healthcare providers.

Ensuring personalized, secure patient interactions, and full compliance with privacy laws

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Driving the digital transformation
of the healthcare industry


Deliver a single view
of the patient

Provide personalized care, create trust, and ensure long-term relationships.

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Provision data
in real time

Accelerate data results, and deliver life-saving treatments to the public, faster.

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Assure regulatory

Use medical data safely and securely, without infringing on patient privacy.

Data-driven business initiatives
for healthcare providers

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Healthcare data optimizes medical logistics

COVID-19 has exposed multiple weaknesses in healthcare systems worldwide, none more so than in the vaccine delivery supply chain.

Healthcare providers are struggling to correlate accurate location information of vaccine supplies in relation to where the virus is spiking, and getting supplies to those places quickly and effectively.

What is required is a healthcare data management solution that can intelligently integrate data – such as location, temperature, shipping, and warehousing – from disparate systems, and then feed that data to multiple upstream systems, enabling supplies to be diverted and delivered to where they are needed most.

The K2View Data Product Platform, and patented Micro-Database™ technology, bring data together from tens, or hundreds, of disparate sources, to fuel digital transformation initiatives. It simplifies wide-scale healthcare data integration, with easy-to-use data orchestration and data governance – for a single source of truth at all times.


Digital healthcare and the need to test fast

Digital healthcare spans many different domains. From wearables and remote patient monitoring, that create massive streams of real-time data, through virtual HCP visits conducted over apps like Zoom, to digital therapeutics that texts reminders to patients to increase drug adherence the healthcare system has been thrust 5 years into the future in a matter of months by the pandemic.

The entire ecosystem needs to adapt to virtual healthcare delivery. This new reality runs on data – and not the traditional stagnant snapshots of data collected at the occasional doctor’s visit, but real-time data flowing through a connected digital landscape.

For healthcare providers to thrive in this new digital world, they must innovate quickly with new digital applications, and create digital trust with their patients. This requires providers to significantly speed up the application development lifecycle, which in healthcare specifically, is hampered by delays in provisioning trustworthy test data.

Developers and testing teams use test data management to provision realistic test data from production systems, in minutes. In-flight integration, combined with consistent, intelligent data masking, eliminate the risk of ever provisioning incomplete or corrupted information so the test data is never a bottleneck to regression or progression testing.

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Data privacy, for patient peace of mind

While patients expect that information be protected, healthcare providers are amassing tremendous amounts of highly sensitive data, from different sources, on a daily basis. To manage all this data and comply with a continuously growing number of industry and government regulations, they must be able to quickly identify, and control access to, an individual patient’s sensitive data. 

With a data catalog integral to the healthcare data management platform, data teams can trace patient-sensitive data from application to data sources

The Data Product Platform platform has built-in data privacy management tools that: 

  • Automatically process DSARs, including data access and updates
  • Address new regulations with mere configuration changes
  • Comply with privacy laws simply and non-invasively
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A data product approach to securing medical data

data product delivers a complete set of data on a specific business entity – such as a patient, clinic, or drug – managed within its own, encrypted Micro-Database.

This granular level of security eliminates the risk of a mass breach. And sensitive data can be tokenized on an individual basis.

The K2View platform supports both operational and analytical workloads, and can be deployed in a data mesh or data fabric – on premises, in the cloud (iPaaS), or across hybrid environments.

Healthcare data management
key modules

K2View's healthcare data management solution is based on the company's
Data Product Platform, which includes the following modules:

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