Embedded Operational Intelligence.

Gain split-second insights, to drive business outcomes.

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Operational intelligence
for operational excellence

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customer experience

Gain real-time customer insights, for more personalized and profitable interactions.

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operational costs

Identify and remediate operational bottlenecks early, before they amplify.

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governance at scale

Define operating controls and thresholds, for quick response and resolution.

Operational Intelligence

Operational intelligence for the real-time enterprise

Operational Intelligence

Operational intelligence is a category of real-time business analytics that delivers visibility and insight into data, streaming events, and business operations.

The combination of  Data Product Platform, and patented Micro-Database™ technology, empowers operational intelligence by ingesting event and streaming data, then unifying, normalizing, and organizing it, in-flight. It serves this data to decisioning and ML engines in real time, to deliver insights that drive business outcomes.

The platform can be deployed to support a data mesh or data fabric – on premises, in the cloud (iPaaS), or across hybrid environments.

Operational intelligence use cases

Real-time intelligence
elevates customer experience

Embedded Operational Intelligence enables B2C enterprises to become hyper-personalized in engaging with their customers, at every touch point. By combining a 360 Customer View, with Reverse ETL, real-time decisioning can be applied to:

  • Anticipate and avoid churn, by understanding a customer’s sentiment at the time of interaction, based on recent journeys across touch points, transactions, and behaviors.

  • Deliver the right sales offer to the right customer in the most appropriate channel, thereby improving campaign effectiveness and ultimately boosting sales.

  • Reduce incoming call volumes at contact centers by proactively informing affected customers of an expected delay, power outage, or other correlated events.

  • Provide credit scoring in milliseconds, to complete financial transactions more quickly.
Financial institutions

Banking on Embedded Operational Intelligence

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Operational Intelligence copy 2-8

Operational intelligence is ideal for banks, insurance firms, and stock brokerages. Constantly changing prices, assets, and trends, coupled with a massive volume of transactions, make manual tracking and decision-making impossible.

Data Platform Platform ingests and unifies huge amounts of financial data from dozens of disparate internal and external sources, to protect sensitive financial data via data masking and governance.


Improving patient care

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Operational Intelligence copy 3-8-2

In healthcare, Embedded Operational Intelligence can provide a real-time view of a patient’s medical history, drug prescriptions, allergic reactions to medication, immunization dates, and so on. This end-to-end perspective – coupled with the ever-changing availability of specialists, facilities, and medications – allows HMOs and medical practitioners to provide the most suitable treatments, drugs, and services to their patients, improving healthcare quality, while protecting patient privacy using data masking tools.

Additional operational intelligence use cases

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Web and mobile

Deliver personalized cross-sell and up-sell recommendations in real time.

Financial fraud detection

Flag transactions performed in close succession, but in different locations.

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Intelligent call center routing

Match the right agent to the customer, based on the customer's intent and preferences.

Hyper segmentation

Deliver personalized offers based on a customer's needs, preferences, and behaviors.

Embedded Operational Intelligence

Benefits both you and your customers

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