Overwhelmed by Enterprise Data Privacy Management? Start with These 7 Critical Requirements

Tally Netzer

Tally Netzer

Product Marketing Manager, K2View

Recently, we discussed why keeping up with the explosion of data privacy regulations and data privacy compliance necessitates a fundamentally new approach to data management. That’s because today’s enterprises have customer data scattered across dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of application-centric data stores, the cloud, and big data warehouses. That can make selecting the right GDPR or CCPA compliance management software a monumental task for the enterprise, not to mention how to comply with data privacy acts that have been—and will continue to be—passed since these initial high-profile regulations.

Traditional data management approaches simply don’t work for complex problems like data privacy compliance. Big data solutions involve slow, complex data preparation and indexing, so the data is never quite up-to-date or available for real-time needs. Or you can try to keep up with each new mandate with costly (and unending) custom systems integration projects. Either of these traditional approaches will drive your IT budget into the red.

Today, we will highlight what most data privacy laws have in common and therefore the basic requirements for any data privacy management solution worth considering. After all, while the little details of each country’s or state’s regulation will vary, most of them afford a core set of protections or rights to the consumers in their jurisdictions.

Solving the underlying data management problem allows providers like K2View to build data privacy management solutions that address all the core critical requirements, while providing the flexibility to handle the nuances of new mandates as they come along.

So, what are these core requirements? Perhaps it’s better to just show you with our latest infographic. See it below.


K2View DPM infographic-DataPrivacyManagement-1


Stay tuned to our blog over the next few weeks as we examine each of these core data privacy requirements in more detail. Or get started today by downloading our new eBook, Surviving the Avalanche of Data Privacy and Compliance Laws.