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K2view data catalog enables data teams to visualize and analyze data assets and the relationships between them, including passive and active metadata.

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K2view Data Catalog Tools

Accelerate your path to data value delivery

Data catalog automated cdiscovery and classification

always up to date

Auto-discover, classify, and activate your metadata

K2view Data Catalog keeps an always-current inventory of the organization's data assets, and visualizes the relationships between them – enabling data teams to easily find and understand data

  • Data source crawlers scan underlying sources.

  • Automated data discovery registers databases, tables, and fields in the catalog.

  • Automated data classification for each data element.

  • Intuitive and beautiful visualization of your data assets and relationships.

  • Interoperable with 3rd-party enterprise data catalog tools.

Data catalog-driven automation

K2view Data Catalog serves as the backbone data registry for creating data products in a federated data mesh or centralized data fabric architecture.

accelerate data product creation

Data catalog-driven automation

K2view Data Catalog accelerates the implementation of data products by automating many the data product design and engineering activities, including:

  • Auto-generating your data product schema.

  • Auto-generating data product ingestion flows based on the data product schema.

  • Auto-applying data masking functions to protect PII data.

  • Applying relevant data quality functions based on the data classifications.

  • Auto-generating web service APIs to expose data ingested by a data product to authorized data consumers.

Automated change management of the data catalog

embrace change with speed

Automated change management

K2view Data Catalog identifies and alerts on schema drifts in your data sources. Moreover, it automatically propagates the changes in your data product implementation, enabling seamless change management.

  • Full version management of the data catalog, with schema drift visualization to highlight changes between versions.

  • Accept or reject auto-discovered changes into the catalog.

  • Roll back to  prior versions.

  • Update the data product schema, ingestion flows, data governance functions, and web services – in minutes.

Key features and capabilities

K2view Data Catalog Tools


Auto-discover your data assets, regardless of  data source


Automatically classify your data assets to enable quick search and understanding

Catalog versioning

Keep track of your changes with version management and rollback capabilities

Passive and active metadata

Visualize both passive (design time) metadata and active (runtime) metadata

Data product model automation

Generate the data product schema directly from your data catalog

Automated data ingestion

Data ingestion flows are auto-generated based on the data product model

Graph database

Enable enterprise scale and flexibility with a modern, graph DB architecture


Share K2view data catalog metadata with other 3rd-party enterprise data catalogs

Any data architecture

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Beyond traditional data catalogs

K2view Data Product Platform includes a modern graph DB data catalog, which auto-discovers and auto-classifies data assets, enabling rapid understanding of how to use data across the enterprise. Learn how here.

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Next-gen ETL/ELT data delivery

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K2View Data Product Platform


K2View Data Product Platform

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