Adopt DataOps to drive operations forward.

Scaling data delivery across the enterprise


Drive speed
and agility

Use automation to enable rapidcontinuous delivery of data to the business 

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Build for reuse
and flexibility

Create data pipelines and services that can be used as building blocks for new use cases

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Govern data
by design

Create rule-based services and workflows to apply data governance policies into new data pipelines

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Dev, data and beyond

DataOps is a discipline that focuses on removing the roadblocks to data access and management, delivering needed data quickly, reliably, and at scale, regardless of the business use cases. 

The technology foundation for DataOps is an operational data fabric, which enables data teams and developers to make data available to the business in an agile way. They can add new data sources quickly, organize the data from the sources in a logical way for easy consumption, and provide access to the data via microservices.

By combining four key disciplines - data integration, data orchestration, data governance, and microservice delivery  - K2View enables organizations to adopt DataOps and continuously deliver the data that enables and optimizes operational use cases


Continuity is key for DataOps

For companies to achieve business agility, they must operationalize their data management at enterprise scale. K2View DataOps extends key concepts of DevOps to the realm of data, to enable faster and more reliable data delivery to the business: 

  • Continuous data integration– Enabling quick data integration and multidomain master data management to new sources for consistent, real-time access to trusted data. New sources are continually reflected in the data fabric model, which acts as the central meta data repository for all accessed data.
  • Continuous data delivery Ensuring that changes to the data fabric data model (e.g. to account for a new source) are handled on the fly and do not require downtime to the data fabric. Data delivery is uninterrupted.  
  • Continuous data deployment - Making data available to any consuming application in any data delivery method: web services, ETL, data virtualization, streaming, and messaging



Data fabric enables DataOps

Enterprise data fabrics are being adopted across all industries to support DataOps initiatives – activating data for business value, across all operational use cases, across all deployment methods - on-cloud or on-premise.

The K2View operational data fabric delivers the DataOps foundation to support these applications and insights. It ingests, transforms, enriches, orchestrates, and secures data into a patented Micro-DBwhere one micro-DB is managed for every instance of a Digital Entity (i.e., customer, location, product, or anything else important to the business). In this way, a single view of any entity is easily constructed, managed and delivered.

Cross-collaboration across data teams

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In an agile business environment of emerging technologies, sophisticated operations, and advanced big data analytics, many cross-functional roles are involved in building the data pipelines and extracting business value out of them:

  • Data professionals
  • Data scientists (AI)
  • Business analysts
  • ML model developers
  • Data architects
  • Data product managers
  • Data modelers
  • DBAs
  • Data engineers
  • Data security teams
  • Data stewards
  • Data protection officers
  • Data analysts (BI)

K2View DataOps allows for clear communication and collaboration across data teams. Each role understands what others expect and produce, and all understand the requirements and goals of the pipelines they are creating.


DataOps for data-driven enterprises

The K2View Data Fabric is particularly useful in supporting DataOps for data-intensive industries, where data fuels operational excellence and innovation.

Learn about the specific DataOps use cases and capabilities that the K2View Data Fabric provides in support of these industries. 

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Provisioning DataOps in banking and insurance companies.

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Learn how K2View DataOps can help you deliver data for business outcomes, consistently.