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Data integration tools - data discovery

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Data integration at scale

Enterprise data integration auto-Discovery

K2View Data Integration creates and manages scalable data pipelines between source and target systems for operational and analytical use cases 

Enterprise data integration starts with auto-discovery and modeling of the Digital Entity™, the schema that defines all the fields for a specific business entity (e.g., customer, location, device, product), from all your existing systems – regardless of the underlying technology or format. 

Data is ingested by the digital entity into a high-performance, patented micro-Database – one micro-DB for each business entity instance. Data masking, transformation, and enrichment functions are the applied. Finally, data is orchestrated into microservices that deliver the data to consuming applications. 

From any source to any target, in any way

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Integrate any data source - on premise or on cloud - to any consuming application, using any data delivery method. Supported data delivery methods include bulk ETL, data streaming, data virtualization, log-based data changes, message-based data integration, and APIs.

K2View enterprise data integration ingests data for a specific digital entity from all underlying systems, while governing the data, and ensuring that data integrity is maintained in each micro-DB. Microservices are generated to deliver the data from the micro-DB to external applications, with end-to-end performance, from data ingestion to delivery, measured in milliseconds.


Data integration tools - data orchestration

Data transformation
made easy

K2View supports a broad set of data transformations via drag-and-drop tooling:  

  • Basic transformations 
    Data type conversions, string manipulations, and numerical calculations. 
  • Intermediate transformations 
    Lookup/replace using reference files, aggregations, summarizations, and matching.
  • Advanced transformations 
    Complex parsing, combining data and content sources, text mining, correlations, custom enrichment functions, data validation, and cleansing 

Unlike traditional Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) approaches, K2View's enterprise data integration uses an in-memory database to perform data transformation at high speed. Moreover, transformation is applied at the individual entity level, making performance lightning fast.

Configuration of data integration tools

Configuration in days or weeks, not months or years

Our data integration tools feature dozens of out-of-the-box database and system connectors, and an auto-discovery engine to establish two-way connections between existing application data sources and consuming applications – without lengthy development and staging databases.  

low-code/no-code framework for microservice automation enables quick creation and visual debugging of data services. Using a visual, drag-and-drop builder, data engineers can quickly customize and orchestrate data services to minimize implementation to a fraction of the time required by traditional data integration tools. 

Enterprise Data Integration scalability

Linear scalability at real-time performance

K2View’s micro-DB approach for data management allows for linear scalability, while using commodity hardware. The K2View platform is based on a data fabric architecture, scaling to manage hundreds of millions of secured micro-DBs concurrently, and be deployed in distributed on-premise, on-cloud, or hybrid architectures.

K2View Data Integration was architected with real-time speed in mind, to support operational use cases, where every millisecond counts. In-memory computing, combined with the company's patented micro-DB technology, and distributed architecture, deliver unmatched source-to-target performance. 

K2View data integration tools and features

  • Built-in connectors to structured and unstructured sources
  • Dedupe, mask, and encrypt data for privacy and security
  • Data virtualization provides easy-to-access logical abstraction layer
  • Change Data Capture for log-based data movement
  • Support message-based data movement
  • Expose and orchestrate data services in minutes
  • Embedded ETL for bulk data movement
  • Data transformation of unlimited sophistication
Product Brief

K2View Data Integration
Product Brief

Read to learn how you can:

1. Integrate data, with zero impact to business operations
2. Build, test, and deploy enterprise data pipelines quickly
3. Integrate any data, from any source, to any target, in any delivery method

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