360 Customer View.

Connect and normalize customer data from any source to any application, in real time

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Holistic, trusted customer view, in real time

360 Customer View- interactions, transaction, and insights

Master + transaction + interaction data

Unified 360 Customer View, enriched with insights from real-time analytics

A micro-DB for each and every 360 Customer View

A Micro-Database for every customer

Millisecond access to the 360 view, always in sync, totally secure

Customer 360 View

All the truth and nothing but the truth

A single, complete, and trusted view of each and every customer

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A real-time 360 view, for personalized experiences

Every one of your customers has a personal relationship with your business that spans multiple touch points across multiple channels.

K2View 360 Customer View discovers, integrates, orchestrates, enriches, and governs all the meaningful customer data available to your business.

Since the platform collects all the customer data across all channels – and enriches it with real-time insights – K2View can deliver a consistent, personalized, and delightful experience across the customer journey.

A Voda confidence

Ralf Hellebrand

Programme Director, Technology, Vodafone Germany

See how Vodafone implemented the K2View platform for multiple use cases, including Customer Data Hub and Test Data Management, to deliver strategic business outcomes across its operations.

360 Customer View for operational intelligence

Profitable interactions, happy business

With 360 Customer View, enterprises can also ensure that the experiences they deliver are profitable to the business. 

Quick and secure access to complete customer data can feed real-time customer analytics and decisioning, to get the most out of every customer interaction:

  • Deliver the right campaigns to the right customers
  • Maximize cross-sell/ up-sell opportunities
  • Reduce contact center call handling time
  • Increase first contact resolution
  • Minimize customer churn
360 Customer View rapid delivery

Zero to 360,
in a few weeks

At the core of the solution is a Customer Data Hub (CDH) that centralizes the data required to deliver the 360 Customer View solution.

The CDH seamlessly connects to virtually all enterprise data sources out-of-the-box – structured and unstructured. It then unifies, deduplicates, cleanses, and applies identity resolution to the integrated data – without coding.

And built-in Microservice Automation makes it easy for any business application to securely access the data via web services, in milliseconds.

Case Study

Post-merger Fortune-50 telco creates unified customer experience in just 3 months

Supporting 15 million subscribers across 1,000 locations

After a major North American telco acquired two of its competitors for over $5 billion, it faced a formidable task: combining the three entities, without affecting operations. By leveraging the K2View Customer Data Hub, the company was able to deliver full customer data access and control in just a few weeks.

Customer Data Hub
key capabilities

  • Real-time integration of structured and unstructured data
  • Data orchestration normalizes and delivers trusted customer data
  • Unified customer data: interactions, transactions, and master data
  • Customer data matched, cleansed, and normalized into a Golden Record
  • Data masking and governance for data privacy compliance
  • Deliver customer data to consuming apps using any transport method
  • Generate, debug, and deploy microservices in minutes
  • Data encryption at the customer record level for maximum security

From marketing's CDP to the enterprise CDH

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) was originally commissioned by, and built for, marketing departments to unify customer data from digital channels. The sole purpose of the platform was to optimize the timing and targeting of marketing campaigns.

Today, more and more enterprises realize that the value of a 360 Customer View goes far beyond marketing, to also answer the needs of customer service, compliance, sales, and product teams.

Enterprises understand the necessity for a Customer Data Hub that unifies customer journey data with customer transactions and master data, to support many different operational and analytical use cases.

Customer 360
across the enterprise

Gaining a trusted, real-time 360 Customer View is a requirement of dozens of operational use cases impacting multiple enterprise departments – from marketing and sales, to compliance and customer service.

K2View 360 Customer View is the solution of choice for enterprises that seek a "build-once/use-many" approach to customer data.

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Reduce average handling time, improve first contact resolution, and reduce churn.

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Web and mobile

Improve customer experience, and promote cross-sell and up-sell offers.

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Minimize redundant customer visits, and increase post-sale services.

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Determine customer preferences, sentiment, and propensity to churn.

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Target the right customers, with the right offers, at the right time.

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Comply with data privacy regulations, while minimizing operational costs.

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