Multi-domain master data management tools.

Gain a full, integrated, and true view
of all business-centric data

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Connected, holistic, cross-
enterprise view of data


Many domains,
one platform

Integrate customer, product, location, vendor, and party data views.

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360 view,
minimum effort

Connect master, transaction, and interaction data.

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Connect the dots,
across domains

Correlate between different data products to improve operations.


Multi-domain master data management tools in one platform

Typically, master data is managed for a specific domain only, such as location, customer, vendor, or product – and the relationships within a domain (e.g., party/household). 

K2View Multi-domain Master Data Management flexibly manages all domains, by aggregating domain data into a single panoramic, enterprise-wide view, including the relationships between domains.

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The data product
triple play

K2View Multi-domain MDM goes beyond traditional MDM tools by unifying and normalizing all the data relevant for a business entity, including transactional data, from all structured and unstructured data sources.

For a holistic view of a customer, for example, 3 dimensions are required: 

  • Master data, determining whether Sally Jones and S. Jones are the same person 
  • Transaction datawith all of Sally's past purchases, payments, and customer service tickets  
  • Interaction data, including Sally's phone, chat, and email interactions with the contact center  

K2View Multi-domain Master Data Management integrates all 3 data dimensions, thanks to its data product approach to data integration. 

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by design

data product integrates, unifies, processes, and delivers a complete dataset for a specific business entity – such as a customer, supplier, or order – managing the business entity's dataset within its own, encrypted, hyper-performance Micro-Database™. One Micro-Database is managed per instance of a business entity.

Thus, the entire data that a company holds for a business entity, including its master data, interactions, and transactions, is always instantly accessible.


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Correlate to innovate

A data product may correspond to any business entity important to the business: 

  • A person, such as a customer, employee or supplier 
  • A physical device, such as a car, smartphone, or IoT device 
  • A location, such as a storeor cellular antenna 
  • A credit card 

K2View Multi-domain MDM can correlate data between all of these business entities.

For example, if a telco wanted to proactively warn every household about a planned outage due to the repair of an antenna, it could do so in seconds. And it might offer a discount towards the purchase a phone, when paid for with a particular credit card, to any subscriber that was inconvenienced. This kind of personalization can go a long way in building customer loyalty. 

A tale of 3 telcos, unified

Multi-domain MDM tools and capabilities

The K2View platform integrates a full suite of capabilities to deliver best-of-breed Multi-domain Master Data Management.

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Data integration and connectivity

Integrate data from any source, in any format, in any data delivery method.
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Data virtualization

Gain simplified, real-time access to a 360-view of a business entity.
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Data orchestration

Visually and quickly design data flows and transformations.
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Data governance

Gain complete control of data availability, usability, integrity, and security.
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Data privacy

Comply to data privacy regulations, while cutting privacyOps costs.
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Data service automation

Rapidly create, test, debug, tokenize, and deploy web services.
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