Data Preparation.

Take the grunt work out of data science by preparing and delivering
ready-to-use, clean and complete data you can immediately use to generate insights.

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Benefit from a complete set of data preparation tools

Integrate, transform, cleanse, enrich, anonymize, and deliver your data – however and whenever required.

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Ensure data integrity using a patented entity-based approach

Ensure your data is always complete, clean, connected, governed, and up to date – with business entities.

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Productize data preparation flows for your data teams

Build, certify, and package automated data preparation flows for your data-consuming teams.


Rich set of data orchestration capabilities

K2View Data Orchestration makes it easy to connect to any data, from any source, and then transform, enrich, enhance, format, mask, and cleanse it – without writing any code.

It makes use of an intuitive graphical tool to design data movement, transformation, and business-flow orchestration.

With a powerful user interface for creating and debugging data preparation flows, it also provides a high-performance execution engine employed wherever data movement and orchestration are needed.

The Digital Entity2-1

Data integrity by design

K2View Data Preparation is based on the Digital Entity™, a data schema that captures all the attributes of a given business entity (such as a customer, product, or an order), from all source systems. The platform includes tools to auto-discover and quickly modify the digital entity schemas.

All relevant data for a business entity is collected, and pipelined to a target datastore, ensuring that your data is always complete, consistent, and accurately prepared – and ready for analytics and operational workloads.

If the entity approach is not relevant, pipelining by traditional methods (e.g., database tables, etc.) is always possible.

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Real-time data preparation

As opposed to traditional batch processes, such as ETL and ELT, K2View Data Preparation is continuously processed by capturing data changes in real time, from all source systems, and streaming them through the business entity layer to the destination data store.

Since the data is continually collected and processed by business entity, it can also be delivered to your operational systems simultaneously, to support a 360 Customer View, Operational Intelligence, and other real-time use cases.

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Accelerated time to insights with automated data preparation

Data engineers use K2View Enterprise Data Pipeline to configure and automatically apply data cleansing, transformation, enrichment, anonymization, and other functionality crucial to high-quality data preparation and pipelining.

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Data catalog, rollbacks, and versioning

A data catalog visually describes how data is collected, transformed, and pipelined. It also provides up-to-date data lineage information from source to target.

Data scientists can roll back to previous sets of data, and access any historical iteration of that data, on demand, at the click of a button.

K2View Data Preparation key features

  • Collects, prepares, and serves data, by business entity
  • Ingests and unifies data from all sources, while ensuring data integrity
  • Discovers and models data structure and lineage, with an automated data catalog
  • Updates data lakes in real time, on demand, or via a schedule
  • Transforms, cleans, enriches, and masks data, on the fly
  • Encrypts data from source until destination systems
  • Automates and productizes data preparation flows
  • Complements “last-mile data prep” tools (e.g., Trifacta, Alteryx, etc.)

K2View data preparation tools 

Provide data engineers with all they need to deliver fresh, complete, and trusted data for analytics. Test drive it today.