Test Data Management.

Provision quality test data in minutes, and on demand,
with enterprise Test Data Management.


Test data management tools
for agile teams

A test data warehouse for all your applications

No matter how many test environments, app changes or data sources

Test data integrity,
by design

Test data provisioned by business entity, ensuring data integrity for all test cases

Flexible test data provisioning, in an instant

Test data extraction and generation via user-defined business rules

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Make test data management as agile
as your development pipeline

TDM testing tools

The K2View Test Data Management solution quickly provisions test data subsets with referential integrity, from any number of production sources, based on user-defined rules. Testing teams spend less time retrieving and preparing test data, and complete testing more quickly, at higher quality. The solution can be embedded in a DevOps CI/CD pipeline, enabling Shift-Left Testing.

Testers use the solution's self-service portal or APIs to define their desired test data sets. For example, a tester could request to provision test data related to 300 customers in a certain zip code, with 2 or more children, and an outstanding debt greater than a specific amount.

K2View Test Data Management extracts all the data associated with the particular business entities (customers, in our example) from the relevant production systems, and synthesizes missing data as required. Then, in-flight data masking protects sensitive data before it is delivered to the appropriate test environments, ready for testing.


test data management (TDM) for enterprises

A holistic approach to test data management

The test data management solution empowers development, QA and DevOps teams to provision test data themselves, in a simple automated process, on a single platform – regardless of the number systems to be tested, their respective technologies, and the number of testing environments.

The solution offers test data management tools to generate realistic, synthetic test data – rules-based, and masked on the fly – ensuring data integrity across all test environments, automatically. It also provides managers with dashboards to monitor data requests, schedule them, track execution status, execution results, and more.

See how K2View Test Data Management tools accelerate time-to-market

while ensuring compliance and cost efficiency


Test data you can trust for quick test cycles

Powered by our Data Product Platform, the K2View Test Data Management solution delivers complete test data you can trust, across all your applications.

Developers and testers execute a test management strategy by defining exactly the data they require for regression or progression test cases, using a graphical user interface, and the test data is provisioned in an instant, once their request is approved.

There is no risk of ever provisioning an incomplete or corrupted set of test data. This means that test data – which is consistently and intelligently masked for compliance – is no longer a bottleneck to regression or progression testing.

K2View Test Data Management tools and features

  • Self-service portal, for testers to provision test data on demand
  • Production data subset extraction, based on user-defined search criteria
  • Data movement by business entity, from many to many systems
  • Test data warehouse, for versioning and searching data sets
  • Synthetic test data generation, ensuring referential integrity
  • Data masking and validation, in compliance with privacy regulations
  • Admin portal, managing users by roles and privileges
  • Web service API, enabling automated DevOps

Test data provisioning across hundreds of systems at AT&T


Solving the DevOps test data problem

Learn why existing approaches to test data management fail, and how the K2View TDM solution gives DevOps teams and testers the ability to provision parameter-based subsets, on demand