Enterprise Data Masking Tools.

Discover and protect sensitive data (PII) at rest, in use, and in transit.

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In-flight integration
and masking

Ensure referential integrity with a
data product approach.

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Dynamic and
static masking

De-identify sensitive production data at scale, in real-time.

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Structured and unstructured data

Integrate with any data source and mask any type of data.

Data Masking Tools - Gartner

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Data Masking Tools - Gartner


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“Innovative, fast and also scalable...”
“Excellent dynamic and static data masking...”


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Our unique approach

Data Masking Tools Diagram
Data Masking Tools Diagram

At K2View, data masking is powered by our Data Product Platform, which organizes fragmented data from disparate systems according to data product schemas – customer, order, device, or any other business entity.

data product delivers all the data related to a specific business entity such as a customer, claim, credit card, payment, or device – to authorized data consumers. All the sensitive data of an individual business entity is masked and managed within its own, encrypted Micro-Database™.

K2View greatly simplifies the implementation of dynamic data masking for operational use cases like Customer 360, Test Data Management, Legacy Application Modernization, Data Tokenization,  and Data Pipelining.

In-flight Data Masking Tools

In-flight data masking tools

In-flight Data Masking Tools

K2View's in-flight data masking eliminates the need for cumbersome batch data masking processes and risk-prone staging areas, where unmasked data is exposed to potential breaches.

Using our graphical Data Transformation and Orchestration tool, data engineers quickly integrate, cleanse, and mask data from production systems, and make it instantly accessible to authorized data consumers.

A data product approach simplifies data masking complexity, ensuring that customer data is:

  • Complete, with all customer data unified, and sensitive data masked
  • Clean, with data quality policies enforced in flight
  • Compliant, adhering to data privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, LGPD, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.)
  • Consistent, preserving referential integrity and formatting of masked data, across systems

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Dynamic Data Masking

Dynamic data masking

Dynamic Data Masking

K2View employs real-time dynamic data masking to transform, obscure, or block access to sensitive data based on user roles and privileges, depending on the user and location.

A broad range of prebuilt, in-line masking functions can be invoked to protect the data. Additionally, real-time and batch data tokenization and detokenization are supported.

Unstructured data masking tools

Mask unstructured data

Unstructured data masking tools

Protect unstructured data – such as images, PDFs, text files, and more – with static and dynamic data masking capabilities. Replace real photos with fake ones. Use OCR to detect content and enable intelligent masking. Synthetically generate digital versions of receipts, checks, contracts and other items for testing purposes.

By managing unstructured data within the K2View data product schema, and masking it in-flight, referential integrity is ensured and consistency maintained, across structured and unstructured data.

Masking functions

Extensive and extendible


K2View Data Masking comes with a comprehensive library of prebuilt masking functions, designed to provide realistic, but fake data, to preserve data formatting and integrity.

The table below shows a few examples, including masking that creates a valid social security number (SSN), selecting (masked) names from name directories, and generating random numbers, as well as address-based zip codes. The library can be easily extended by custom Java functions that implement additional masking functions.

Field Masking Function
SSN/National ID Generate valid SSN
Credit card Generate valid number based on card type
First name/Last name/Zip code Select from collection
DOB Shuffle (preserve statistical diversity)
Any String/number Random String/number
Email Concatenation based on new first and last names
Const Static masking based on a pre-provided value
Address Based on the provided Zip
IBAN Generate masked values that comply with international banking standards


Data masking tools - whitepaper

Data masking tools
for data-centric enterprises

Learn about a new, real-time data masking approach, based on data products, that is used by some of the world's most data-intensive enterprises.

Download this whitepaper to understand how, using this unique data model, you can:
Mask in-flight with referential integrity
Manage and anonymize unstructured data
Support both persistent and dynamic data masking
Employ advanced and extendible masking functions
Generate production-grade, realistic, yet fake, data

Enterprise Data Masking Features

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Integrates with any data source and technology 

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Referential integrity and consistency

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Structured & unstructured pseudonymization


API for integration into CI/CD pipelines

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Admin portal manages user roles and privileges

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Integration on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid

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Reporting module for compliance audits

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Automated PII Discovery

See in-flight data masking in action

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