Data Privacy Management.

Streamline privacy operations to expedite compliance with data privacy software


Automate workflows
and data processing

K2View Data Privacy Management is a flexible workflow and data automation solution that orchestrates compliance across people, systems, and data – for current and future regulations

Automate subject request fulfilment

One-click response to access, porting, updates and deletion requests

Protect access to sensitive data

Field-based data masking and flexible de-identification 

Simplify privacy compliance

Data subject requests, consents and audit trails centralized in secure data store

DSAR automation for operational efficiency

data privacy software

Most data privacy software solutions automate Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) case management, but leave data access and updates to manual, time-consuming, and error-prone human intervention.

K2View data privacy software streamlines the DSAR workflow, from intake to fulfillment, with instant discovery, access, collection, updates and deletion of customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII). With fast, fully documented responses to subject requests, it enables enterprises to build trust, while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and audits. 

data privacy software for PrivacyOps

Data management for
data privacy

K2View data privacy software discovers and maps all customer data, from all source systems – including master, transaction, and interaction data – into a secure Micro-Database™; one mDB for every individual customer.

The customer mDB is instantly available for customer access requests, resulting in lower operational costs for DSAR processing. It also maintains the customer’s consent information, and tracks request processing, to provide a single source of the customer's data for privacy operations.

Future-proof compliance

Over 80 countries have adopted or are in the process of creating comprehensive data protection laws. Beyond the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the US, many countries are introducing their own versions of data privacy legislation.

K2View GDPR & CCPA Compliance software enables enterprises to comply with new regulations as they go into effect, with simple changes to workflow configuration, data access rules, and data masking tools.

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Centralized dashboard and single view for auditing

K2View data privacy software is secure by design. Each customer's data is collected, unified, and stored individually using our patented Micro-Database™ technology. This means that data is encrypted at the mDB level, ensuring that customer information is secured at the individual record level.

The data privacy software supports role-based task assignments, dashboards, compliance audits, and reporting – leveraging a detailed history of all customer consent data, DSARs, personnel and systems involved, and more.

Data privacy management features & capabilities

  • Auto-discovery of personal and sensitive data, structured and unstructured, across the enterprise
  • Customer-centric data inventory and mapping driven by data integration, and transformation
  • Single view of data subject requests, consents and audit trails
  • Customizable workflow configuration and templates via easy-to-use, code-free web interface
  • Automated DSR fulfillment including access, porting, updates and deletion
  • One-click orchestrated subject purging with business logic to ensure compliance
  • Data masking and de-identification protect access to sensitive information
  • Secure-by-design data fabric with individually encrypted data subject micro-Databases

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Analyst Report
Data Privacy Management research report

K2View productizes data for PrivacyOps

451 Research report on K2View Data Privacy Management

Many data privacy challenges are data management challenges. Finding data, associating it with identities and integrating it from multiple systems are all recurring tasks. K2View, with its entity-based data integration and data management approach, is adding an abstraction layer to its existing architecture that is tailor-made for data privacy use cases.

“K2View excels at entity-based data management and integration and performs especially well in high-scale and real-time operational environments.”

Paige Bartley, Senior Research Analyst of Data, S&P Global Market Intelligence 

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