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Operational data fabric
for the enterprise.

Scalable data fabric

Modular, open, and scalable

Data integration, transformation, enrichment, preparation, and delivery – integrated in a single, extensible platform

Real-time data fabric

in a split second

Enterprise data fabric built  to support real-time operations, with bi-directional data movement between sources and targets

Data fabric micro-databases

Big data in

Data for each business entity is integrated and unified into its own micro-database to deliver a unified view of the entity 

A revolutionary approach to
operational data management

The Digital Entity2-1

The Digital Entity and micro-DB

K2View Data Fabric organizes fragmented data from disparate systems according to Digital Entity™ data schemas – one schema per business entity – customer, location, party, device, or anything else that’s important to the business. Each entity's data is stored in it's own, unique hyper-performance Micro-database™.

The digital entity unifies everything a company knows about the business entity – including all interactions, transactions and master data. It creates a common business language for data, regardless of the underlying source systems, their technologies, and data formats. 

The data fabric ingests, transforms, enriches, orchestrates, and secures data into Micro-databases™ – one micro-DB is managed for every instance of a business entity. Web services componentize and expose data from the micro-DBs, for consumption by external applications.

The data fabric can also update data into the source systems, and is scalable to support hundreds of millions of micro-DBs concurrently, in a distributed, high-performance architecture, and may be deployed on-premise or on-cloud.

Data Fabric Architecture

K2View data fabric architecture is modular and supports massive scale, distributed cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployment. The data fabric architecture delivers an integrated layer of connected and trusted data for the enterprise.

data fabric K2View

Data fabric core modules

K2View Data Fabric is modular in its architecture, and provides integrated, end-to-end data fabric functionality – from data integration and preparation, to data orchestration and delivery.

data fabric connectivity
Data Integration
Ingesting and unifying data from multiple disparate sources, while ensuring data integrity
data virtualization
Data Virtualization
Providing a logical abstraction layer to underlying systems, to make it easy to access trusted data
Data Preparation
Data Preparation
Making data lakes and data warehouses instantly and always ready for analytics
data orchestration
Data Orchestration
Controlling data movement and data transformation from source to target systems, code-free
Data catalog for metadata management
Data Catalog
Discovering and visualizing meta data structures and the lineage from source to consuming microservices
data governance in the data fabric
Data Governance
Controlling data synchronization, access, integrity, and security using configurable rules and processes
Data fabric data masking
Data Masking
Protecting data at rest, in use, and in transit for production, testing, and analytics environments
Microservice automation in a data fabric
Microservice Automation
Generating, debugging, and deploying web services in minutes with an easy-to-use, no-code/ low-code framework
K2View Data Fabric technical deep-dive-3

K2View Data Fabric technical whitepaper

  • Uncover the patented technology behind our operational data fabric.

  • K2View wrote the book on operational data fabric, covering the inner workings of the K2View Data Fabric, and how it solves the big data problem for operational use cases.

K2View Data Fabric delivers measurable business impact for our customers

  • at&t
  • verizon
  • farm-credit
  • global-payments
  • vodafone
  • sky
  • hertz
  • iqvia
  • altice-business
  • rogers
  • serco
  • directv
Increased efficiency in handling data subject access requests
Reduction in DBMS computer processing cores
Cost reduction in progression and regression testing
10s of $M
Cost reduction in legacy application maintenance and licenses

One data fabric, many use cases

K2View Data Fabric is a central data hub that delivers a real-time, trusted, and holistic view of any business entity to any consuming application, data warehouse, or data lake. The use cases of the data fabric are therefore numerous, spanning many departments in the enterprise - from marketing and customer service, to software testing and risk & compliance.

data fabric use cases and benefits

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K2View Data Fabric technical whitepaper
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