With our patented micro-database technology, K2View Data Fabric marks a generational shift from traditional approaches to big data organization and management. It allows you to operationalize enterprise data in real time, delivering exactly the data you want, when and how you need it.

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360-degree data around what matters. Quickly connect data from virtually any source to any application.

Data Fabric easily connects to virtually any data source, organizes the data around what matters most to your business (such as customers, stores, transactions or products), stores it in secure micro-databases, and exposes it in real-time to any device, application or service while keeping it continuously refreshed.

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Diagram of K2View Fabric connecting different data sources (old & new) to various real time data uses (digital, call center, etc.)

K2View Data Fabric Benefits

See how the platform can transform your business.

360º Views of Data

Yes, it sounds too good to be true.
Yes, it’s true anyway.
Yes, it sounds too good to be true.<br> Yes, it’s true anyway.

See all your data in real time. Give customers smart, fast experiences every time.

It’s hard to be “customer-centric”, or “product-focused”, if your data isn’t. With K2View Data Fabric, you can move from good intentions, to great customer experiences (or great products) with real-time, comprehensive access to the data that matters most, whenever and wherever you need it.

Data designed for its purpose. Data Fabric organizes data according to its intended use, from virtually any source – whether it’s old, new or from a third party. This enables the fluid and flexible creation of innovative applications such as Customer 360 experiences, omni-channel marketing, more efficient service alerts or fleet deployments.

Architected for performance and security. Data Fabric stores data in thousands or millions of individual micro-databases, one for each instance of a business entity. This architecture delivers unmatched performance (no scanning records you don’t need), and security because data is encrypted at the business entity level.

No one organizes data like us. We’ve filed for patents on this unrivaled way of organizing, storing and securing data by business entity, so you won’t find such a unique solution anywhere but K2View.

360° Anything. Our clients keep finding creative new ways to use K2View Data Fabric’s 360 data capability to transform their businesses including: Omni-channel operations for merged companies; Cloud-based merchant self-service; Critical patient and infant ICU monitoring; Patient billing; Network transformation; Service provisioning and assurance; Smart automobile monitoring and alerts; Tokenization and real-time fraud detection; and Test Data Management.

Solutions in Weeks

Speed wins. And who doesn’t like winning.
Speed wins. And who doesn’t like winning.

Power transformation in weeks, not years. (No asterisks.)

K2View Data Fabric is typically deployed within 3-months. Mind you…we’re doing this for massive global companies, solving problems previously unattainable. Talk about time to value!

Rapid deployment tools. Our solutions deploy quickly thanks to smart tools that simplify and accelerate each step in the end-to-end process. Embedded ETL connects to most technologies out-of-the-box without coding or changes to source systems. Auto-discovery automatically finds relevant data and makes scheme recommendations in seconds. Studio and our libraries of tools allow you to quickly add transformation and enrichment logic. And K2View Data Fabric automatically generates web-services that make it easy to use existing API’s or SQL to access the data.

Built-in performance. Are your customers patient? We didn’t think so. If your data is slow, you’re slow. K2View Data Fabric was designed for the digital world, so your customers won’t have to wait. Queries are lightning fast, out-performing other solutions by orders of magnitude. Our business entity driven micro-database architecture means that your queries don’t have to scan billions of records looking for the data they need, and there’s never any contention.

For real-time operations. We’re not like other solutions that move masses of data into repositories, managed by scientists in lab coats, where the data gets stale. Data Fabric can be run by any IT department to deliver data in real-time. We organize and manage the data at an individual business entity level with Smart-Synch engineered to support thousands (or millions) of concurrent operations, each focused on retrieving only the data elements that have changed. So a support specialist can know exactly how much the customer they’re speaking with just took out of the ATM, or what is in their shopping cart.

Reconfigure on the fly. K2View Data Fabric allows you to make changes to your data sources without interrupting your operations. Many data changes are handled automatically while others can be configured and deployed quickly, becoming available everywhere, instantly. So if you’re moving to agile development and DevOps deployment models, K2View Data Fabric will make the transition faster and easier.

Smart Shortcut

Turns out, there’s a shortcut to a better way.
Turns out, there’s a shortcut to a better way.

Accelerate digital transformation without an expensive overhaul of legacy systems.

K2View Data Fabric provides a smart shortcut to rapid mobilization of data from existing applications and new sources to power transformation and cloud initiatives without disrupting current production systems.

Non-disruptive. Data Fabric-based solutions access data from existing systems without impacting current operations.

Technology agnostic. Data Fabric enables innovations that integrate data from legacy applications with new sources such as devices, sensors, and social media.

Standards-based. Data Fabric’s use of standard technologies and support for existing SQL queries enable continued use of existing apps and your existing IT staff to quickly get up to speed.

Simple cloud migration. Data Fabric solves the complex problem of moving data to the cloud by giving clients the option to incrementally migrate data to the cloud without downtime or expensive physical moves.

Reinvest the savings. With K2View Data Fabric you can rewrite your transformation roadmap and business case and invest all of the savings in new capabilities that delight your customers and frighten your competition.

Enterprise Class

Yes, it’s radically different.
Yes, it’s already performing at scale.
Yes, it’s radically different.<br>Yes, it’s already performing at scale.

Get enterprise-class performance, all while staying in budget and improving continuity and security.

K2View Data Fabric is engineered to support the largest enterprises with a scalable, highly available and secure platform.

Proven: Reliably supporting Fortune 50 companies with 100+ million customers and 200k queries per second.

Secure: Virtually eliminate the risk of large scale data breaches because each micro-database is individually encrypted.

Flexible: Can easily mask data at the element level, with permissions configurable at the user level.

Scalable: K2View Data Fabric delivers the linear scalability and fault tolerance of Cassandra, providing 100% availability and uptime of all individual data, while supporting the programming ease of SQL

No downtime. No single point of failure, and deployments and system modifications require no system downtime.

On-premise, or on-cloud. The data fabric can be deployed on premise, on the cloud, or in a hybrid architecture. We also offer a Managed Platform as a Service (MPaaS) deployment model. K2View MPaaS Deployment >