End-to-end data privacy management for the enterprise

Enable data privacy compliance in weeks (not years)

Bring your enterprise into compliance in a matter of only weeks, then maintain compliance by addressing new regulations with mere configuration changes

Solve the data problem and automate the rest

An end-to-end solution that manages and streamlines DSAR handling from intake to fulfillment, while completely automating the “heavy lifting” of accessing and updating customer data.

Mitigate data privacy risks while cutting operational costs

Comply with a host of data privacy mandates without labor-intensive manual processes or costly, invasive modifications to your legacy apps and data sources.

Quickly address any data privacy requirements—regardless of the individual mandates


Automate DSAR workflows for operational consistency and efficiency

K2View Data Privacy Management (DPM) enables you to define the workflows, steps, and actions necessary to handle DSARs across multiple department, using a simple graphical user interface. K2View DPM also maintains a history of all changes made during these workflow, and its reporting simplifies complying with periodic audit requests.

Customer data management for data privacy

K2View DPM discovers, collects, merges, and encrypts all PII and customer data from all source systems – including master, transaction, and interaction data – into a single Digital Entity for every one of your customers. K2View DPM also maintains the customer’s consent information and provides data lineage for full traceability of customer data

Access to the right customer data, at the right time, no manual processes required

The data in the Digital Entity is easily accessible and updated on demand. User requests for access, purging, and archiving are seamlessly orchestrated to the back-end systems upon triggers from the DSAR workflows, all with zero impact to the source operational systems.

Single data privacy solution for any data privacy regulation

K2View DPM goes beyond case management-based compliance solutions to solve the data problem, eliminating the manual work required to fulfill DSARs. It provides a single case and data management solution that is flexible enough to meet the compliance requirements of all current and future data privacy regulations.

“Secure by Design” to support auditing and breach reporting

K2View DPM was built with our “Secure by Design” philosophy. Our patented micro-database approach means data is encrypted at the Digital Entity level, ensuring that customer data is secure at the individual record level. K2View DPM supports periodic compliance audits, including history of all data changes.

Surviving the Avalanche of Data Privacy and Compliance Laws

Solving the hardest data privacy challenge: the data

The first high-profile data privacy regulation with global impact, GDPR was just the beginning. Businesses of all sizes scrambled to update their systems to meet the compliance deadline or tried to handle DSARs with manual workflows. But compliance isn’t only a workflow problem. It’s also a customer data management problem. Discover how surviving the continuing wave of data privacy regulations requires a digital transformation in data management.

Case Study

Case Study: Fortune 10 Telecom


Compliance Management Software Explained

DPM Product Brief
Product Brief

DPM Product Brief

Meet compliance with current and future data privacy regulations by first solving the data problem.

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