Customer 360 Platform

An all-in-one customer 360 data platform designed to turn fragmented data into a trusted customer view that's instantly accessible to all authorized data consumers.


data integration


100's of
data connectors


golden record


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Customer 360 Data Platform

Agile Customer 360

Customer 360 in weeks
with real-time data products

customer 360 platform

Customer 360 View delivered at a fraction of the time and cost of any alternative

Real-time and trusted Customer 360 view

Multi-source customer data is integrated, cleansed, and safely delivered in real time

Modular, open,
and flexible

Open platform seamlessly integrates with your data and application stack, and deploys in any architecture


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Achieve customer 360 in weeks

Deliver fresh, clean, and complete customer data in real time, at massive scale

Customer 360 platform real-time data integration

Real-time and always-fresh

Real-time data integration

  • Customer data is integrated and unified in real-time, code-free
  • Single view of the customer integrates master, transactional, and interaction data
  • Customer data is continually synced based on your business needs

unlimited data sources

100s of connectors to all data sources

  • Integration to all database types: relational and non-relational DBs, structured and unstructured files
  • API integration to legacy systems, on-premise applications, and modern SaaS apps 
  • Custom connectors can be easily configured per need
Customer 360 platform - data connectivity 100s of connectors to all data
Customer 360 golden record

single source of customer truth

Customer golden record

  • Customer data is matched, cleansed, and normalized into a complete golden record, in real time
  • "Golden Record" matching rules and thresholds are defined by SMEs, code free
  • Customer entities are assigned to a hierarchy, such as ‘Banking Household’ in real-time, according to configurable business rules

Data quality and compliance

Built-in data governance

  • Dynamic data masking and consent management for data privacy compliance
  • Customer 360 Platform enforces data quality and compliance to always deliver a trusted customer 360 view  
  • Token-based RBAC (Role Based Access Control) ensures customer data is only accessible to authorized data consumers
Built-in data governance
Code-free data transformation and data delivery


Code-free data transformation and data delivery

  • Customer 360 Platform features a set of no-code tools to define, test, and debug data transformations, with dozens of prebuilt functions
  • No-code web service generator, providing an API to customer data in any required response structure
  • Customer data is also accessible via SQL, JMS, CDC, and Kafka

Works in your tech stack

Open, modular, flexible

customer 360 Open, modular, flexible

Customer 360 by business entities

Our patented approach makes all the difference


Customer data is ingested from the source systems


Customer data is organized by customer entities


Each entity's data is unified and masked


Customer entities are kept fresh, per your sync policies


Customer data is accessible in milliseconds

Business outcomes of test data management tools

Proven business impact with K2view customer 360

Michael Voeller

Michael Voeller

Product Director (SAFe), Vodafone Germany

“Vodafone leverages the Customer Data Hub to deliver a single 360 view of the customer, creating a unified customer experience across all customer touchpoints, enabling personalized campaign management in real time, and also to increase the first contact resolution rate."


Victor Malka

CIO, Cellcom

“Our work with K2view Customer 360 platform has enabled Cellcom to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We’re happy with what we have been able to accomplish with K2view at the core of our systems, and its ability to provide real-time information to all of our different data consumers.”

vodafone ziggo

Marc Schmeetz

Program Manager, Vodafone Ziggo

“To continue providing excellent customer care with the merger, we needed near real-time data for eligibility checks, benefit provisioning for converged customers with both fixed and mobile subscriptions.”


Ronen Horowitz

SVP and CIO, Pelephone

“We needed to integrate customer data from three distinct and different companies. With its unique approach and rich feature set, K2view Customer Data Hub simplified the complexity of integrating and unifying the data, allowing us to deliver world-class customer experiences.”


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Real-Time Data Integration

Data Integration

Connect and ingest data from various data sources
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Data masking

Data Masking

Inflight data masking and governance for data privacy compliance

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no code

No Code Data Transformation

No-code customer data processing and orchestration

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no code

No Code
Data Delivery

Customer data is accessible via web service APIs, SQL, JMS, CDC, Kafka

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Golden record


Customer data matched, cleansed, and normalized 

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Achieve Customer 360 success with a data product approach

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