Network Transformation


While enabling new efficiencies, the shift to SDN and NFV has had other unintended consequences

SDN and NFV have delivered dynamic network flexibility and efficiency, but have also introduced complexities in both creating a holistic, real-time view of the network and service, and in correlating events from across next generation and legacy systems, often creating the unintended consequences of new problems with:

  • Assuring service
  • Diagnosis and remediation of issues
  • Automating network functions
  • Driving operational efficiencies
  • Delivering superior customer experience
  • Ensuring SLA compliance


A real time, 360º view of network, customer and dispatch data

In a matter of weeks, K2View Fabric provides a holistic, real-time view of network, customer and/or dispatch data to:

  • Increase operational efficiencies (i.e. dispatch reduction, proactive alarms, automation of VNF/PNF, etc.)
  • Improve customer experiences (i.e. increased uptime, reduced resolution time, proactive customer service, SLA and service assurance)
  • Rapidly enable new revenue streams and improve margins

See the case studies below to learn more about how K2View Fabric is helping Top US Communications providers deliver real-time actionable intelligence to drive closed loop automation for network, customer and dispatch operations.

How it works:

Data abstracted from applications

K2View Fabric is not constrained by the applications that house data. Individual elements such as a customer, product or transaction data can be extracted without losing context and can be kept up-to-date without impacting source systems.

Proven at scale

Currently successfully supporting Fortune 50 enterprises around the world, K2View Fabric enables insight into more than 100 million customers, allowing nearly 200,000 queries per second.

Millisecond performance

K2View Fabric retrieves and accesses data across millions of records by any device, application or service with millisecond response times. The organization into individually-encrypted micro-databases speeds real-time delivery and security, and creates 100% availability.

Enables smart customer 360 interactions

K2View Fabric creates value in-the-moment by supporting consistent customer experience and network transformation initiatives.

Solutions in weeks, not years

K2View is a non-disruptive overlay, so using it doesn’t need to align with IT release cycles. No changes or disruptions to current operating systems are required. Dozens of Fortune 50 enterprises have deployed K2View Fabric solutions in 90 days or less.

Enhanced security

Fabric’s patent-pending methodology of organizing data around individually-encrypted micro-databases for each business entity virtually eliminates the risk of large-scale data breaches.

Adjust on the fly

After initial set-up, all logic, sources, and scope can be changed on the fly, with no downtime or cleanup.


Fabric’s lightning-fast performance and highly-compressed data translates to significant savings on hardware and legacy database licenses.

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