Test Data Management Tools

Provision test data by business entities
and instantly deliver trusted test data from all systems.

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Self-service test data provisioning

Self-service provisioning

TDM: access any data source

Extraction from any data source

Test data anonymization

Data anonymization

Synthetic data generation for TDM

Synthetic data generation

CI/CD pipeline integration

CI/CD pipeline integration

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Test Data Management Tools | K2view

Faster, easier, and more flexible
test data management


software delivery by 20-30%

Accelerate your SDLC by removing test data bottlenecks


test coverage to 95-100%

Maximize test coverage to improve software quality and cut costs


tester productivity by 20-40%

Empower your software teams with high-quality, on-demand test data 

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Modular, all-in-one test data management tool

  • 01 Self-service provisioning
  • 02 Any data source
  • 03 In-flight data anonymization
  • 04 Synthetic data generation
  • 05 CI/CD integration

01Self-service provisioning

Instantly perform any test data operation, to boost productivity

  • Precision data subsetting
  • Data masking and transformation
  • Data reservation  
  • Snapshot and roll back  
  • Synthetic data generation
  • Integrate test data into CI/CD pipelines
Learn about the ROI of TDM tools
Test data management tools: self-service portal

02Any data source

Provision test data from all source systems, to increase test coverage

  • Provision test data by business entities, instead of databases and tables
  • Access hundreds of SQL and NoSQL DBs, mainframes, flat files, data lakes, etc.
  • Provision compliant test data to any lower environment 
Test data management tools: data access

03In-flight data anonymization

Anonymize sensitive data, to ensure regulatory compliance

  • Auto-discover PII and PHI data
  • Apply customizable masking functions
  • Mask data in-flight 
  • Anonymize unstructured data: images, checks, PDFs, etc.
  • Enforce referential integrity 
Learn more K2tdm data anonymization
Test data management tools: data anonymization

04Synthetic data generation

Generate accurate test data, to accelerate innovation

  • Generative AI
  • Business rules engine
  • Entity cloning
  • Data masking
Learn about K2tdm synthetic data generation
Test data management tools: Synthetic data generation

05CI/CD integration

Automate test data delivery, to accelerate time-to-market

  • Programmatically execute test data subsetting, masking, reservation, versioning, and roll-back
  • Integrate into your CI/CD DevOps tools: Jenkins, GitHub, Azure Pipelines, and more
Test data management tools: CI/CD integration

Business outcomes of test data management tools

Proven business impact with K2tdm

ralf hellebrand | test data management use case

Ralf Hellebrand

Programme Director, Technology, Vodafone Germany

We're collaborating closely with K2view in order to evolve our test data management tools for the purpose of driving our business agility, IT velocity, and to raise and improve the customer experience.

Ward Chewwing | Test data management case study

Ward Chewning

Vice President of Network Services and Shared Platform, AT&T

"K2view test data management tools provide a self-service approach for our teams to provision test data on demand – without impacting production source systems."

gartner customer reviews on test data management tools

Mar 3, 2023

Company Size: 30B + USD

"K2view's test data management tools helped make all our test data easily available to all applications with simple search and integration of multiple data sources in a very brief amount of time."

vodafone TDM
AT&T TDM case study
gartner peer insights on test data management tools

Test data management tools by business entities

Our patented approach makes all the difference

Step 1: test data management tools process
Define business entities

Auto-discover business entity schemas for the core objects in your applications, such as Customer, Loan, Order, or Product

Step 2: test data management tools process
Auto-ingest and organize

K2tdm ingests data from your sources and automatically organizes it by business entities into a compressed test datastore

Step 3: test data management tools process
Provision at a snap

Authorized users provision test data by business entities, instead of dealing with complex database scripts, to gain unparalleled efficiencies

K2view test data management tools

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TDM product tour: data subsetting


Provision a data subset from multiple systems using business parameters

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TDM tools product tour: Data masking


Anonymize production data in-flight to ensure compliance with regulations

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TDM tools product tour: synthetic data generation

Synthetic Data

Create synthetic data for multiple systems based on user-defined business rules

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TDM tools product tour: rewind test data

Test Data
Time Machine

Create a test data snapshot and rollback back to it instantly and on demand

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TDM tools product tour: recreate production issues

Production Issues

Instantly provision a specific dataset from a higher to a lower environment 

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