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Provision test data by business entities
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Unlimited Data Sources

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Synthetic Data Generation

Synthetic Data

Referential Integrity


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Test data management tools
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K2view enables software and quality teams to instantly provision the trusted test data they need from any source to any target environment - at a fraction of the cost and time of alternatives.

That's because K2view uniquely provisions test data by business entities.

Our patented solution ingests source data and organizes it by business entities - while compressing and anonymizing the data, and enforcing referential integrity. Teams can then effortlessly provision compliant test data subsets to target environments, on demand.

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Modular, all-in-one
test data management


Deliver test data subsets on demand


A self-service web portal enables QA and DevOps teams to instantly:

  • Provision test data subsets without code.
  • Transform the test data as required by the lower environment.
  • Reserve specific subsets for individual testers.
  • Version and roll back any test data subsets. 
  • Integrate test data into CI/CD pipelines via APIs.
Test data management tools for subsetting test data
Test data management tools and data integration


Access data from all source systems


By including vital business data from hard-to-reach sources, K2view increases test coverage and reduces software defects by allowing testing teams to:

  • Access 100s of relational database technologies, NoSQL sources, legacy mainframes, flat files, and more.
  • Provision compliant test data to any lower environment, from a single test data store, on demand.


Anonymize personal or sensitive data


K2view test data management tools ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, HIPPA, and other data privacy regulations, by enabling teams to:

  • Auto-discover Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Apply dozens of prebuilt, customizable masking functions.
  • Mask data in-flight, as it's retrieved from the sources.
  • De-identify unstructured data, such as images, checks, and PDFs.
Test data management tools and SYNTHETIC DATA GENERATION


Generate realistic synthetic test data

TDM screenSynthetic Data Generation

When production data is inaccessible or insufficient, synthetic test data generation is the answer. Testers rely on K2view to:

  • Maintain the relational integrity of the synthetic test data.
  • Control which test data is created, via user-defined business rules.
  • Clone production data to augment synthetic data.

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Test Data Management Tools - Gartner Report

Test data management
tools and features

TDM Data Integration - SAP, Oracle, DB/2, Mainframe

Data integration

Provision structured and unstructured test data from any sources to any targets.

TDM Instant Subsetting

Instant subsetting

Deliver multi-source test data subsets in minutes, based on user-defined criteria.

TDM Data Masking

Data masking

De-identify PII (structured and unstructured) with persistent and dynamic masking.

TDM Synthetic Data

Synthetic data

Generate realistic, synthetic data while preserving relational integrity.

TDM Tools - Test Data Reservation

Data reservation

Reserve test data subsets to protect testers from overriding each others' data.

TDM Tools - Time Machine

Time machine

Version and roll back test data subsets, on demand, to rerun tests with the same data.

TDM Access Control-1

Access control

Manage user access, based on roles and privileges, with a multi-layer security portal.

TDM Tools - Web Service API

Web service APIs

Integrate test data into your DevOps CI/CD pipelines to streamline software delivery.

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