K2view Releases Market’s First Operational Data Fabric

K2view Marketing

K2view Marketing

Yokneam, Israel – May 11th, 2021K2view, a global leader in operational data management and governance solutions, today announced new platform capabilities to support high-scale operational uses cases in the enterprise, effectively making it the market’s first and only operational data fabric.

While many enterprises recognize the potential of data for transforming business operations, enterprise data is often fragmented, inconsistent, and locked across dozens or hundreds of systems both on-premise and in the cloud. That leaves them with no practical way to manage, access and control such data quickly enough to make an operational difference now – in real-time – when it matters most.

According to Noel Yuhanna, VP and Princial Analyst at Forrester: “Data fabric helps enterprises ingest, transform, curate, and prepare data to deliver new and emerging real-time insights and analytics across disparate data sources.”

The operational use cases of data fabric span the enterprise to improve customer service, ensure data privacy and governance, achieve hyper segmentation in marketing campaigns, embrace DataOps initiatives, and more.

With its new capabilities and unparalleled implementation time, K2View Data Fabric delivers a trusted, holistic, secure, and up-to-date view of any business entity, enriched with operational intelligence, to any consuming application. It is a single, integrated platform, open to interoperate with an enterprise’s existing data management investments, and is already proven at massive enterprise scale.

“Today’s changing business conditions are putting great pressure on enterprises to accelerate digital transformation and innovation initiatives. While data is the fuel to these initiatives, it’s trapped and fragmented across the enterprise’s business applications.” said Achi Rotem, CEO and co-founder of K2View. ”With the new K2View Data Fabric, companies can unlock their potential by easily accessing and delivering the data they need in real time - reliably and at scale.”

Major new and enhanced capabilities of K2View Data Fabric include:
  • Automated Data Catalog: Automatically discovers and visualizes metadata structure, the relationships between data entities managed in the data fabric, and active metadata that represents frequency of access and performance. The resulting data catalog is graphical, easy to navigate and search, enabling data teams to find and understand the datasets they need to drive various operational use cases.

  • Data Orchestration: Makes it easy to support complex data movement, flows, and transformation, without writing any code, and in a structured way that facilitates business logic reuse and thus speed of implementation.

  • Dynamic Data Virtualization: Provides enterprises with complete flexibility to decide which data to virtualize – unified, transformed, and delivered from source to target – and which data to store physically in the data fabric.

  • Microservice Automation: Incorporates a comprehensive no-code/low-code framework for developers to rapidly create, test, debug, govern, and deploy web services that provide secure access to componentized data in the fabric.

  • Edge integration and deployment: K2View Data Fabric now integrates data from IOT edge devices, and can be deployed in a highly distributed edge architecture for enhanced performance and security.

    Pelephone, Yes and Bezeq International are three independent subsidiary companies of the leading Israeli telecommunications and media group that provides triple-play services to millions of subscribers. They turned to K2View Data Fabric to create a Customer 360 View for each of the 3 companies and deliver it in real time into a new Salesforce CRM. The entire project was implemented and deployed in 6 months with the goal of providing exceptional customer service and gaining operational efficiencies.

“This is one of the most complex CRM transformation projects in Israel,” said Ronen Horowitz, SVP and CIO of the 3 companies. “K2View’s unique approach and technology for operational data management simplified the huge complexity of this project. It enabled us to quickly build and deploy 120 web services that deliver bi-directional, real-time data integration between Salesforce CRM and our underlying business applications, across our 3 companies."

K2View Data Fabric with the new capabilities is available and may be deployed on premise, on cloud, or an a hybrid architecture.

About K2View

K2View provides an operational data fabric dedicated to making every customer experience personalized and profitable.

The K2View platform continually ingests all customer data from all systems, enriches it with real-time insights, and transforms it into a patented Micro-Database™ - one for every customer. To maximize performance, scale, and security, every micro-DB is compressed and individually encrypted. It is then delivered in milliseconds to fuel quick, effective, and pleasing customer interactions. Global 2000 companies – including AT&T, Vodafone, Sky, and Hertz – deploy K2View in weeks to deliver outstanding multi-channel customer service, minimize churn, achieve hyper-segmentation, and assure data compliance.

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