Unleashing the Power of AI in Data Products: K2view Unveils "AI Inside"

K2view Marketing

K2view Marketing

PALO ALTO, CA, USA, June 4, 2024  – K2view, a leading innovator in operational data management, today announced the launch of K2view AI Inside, a comprehensive suite of AI-powered capabilities embedded directly within its Data Product Platform. Data teams can now achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, accuracy, and agility in building and delivering data products that are reusable across operational and analytical workloads.

K2view AI Inside revolutionizes data products through:

  • Augmented data integration: The combination of AI-driven auto-discovery, auto-creation of data product models, and self-healing schema drifts, automates and greatly accelerates multi-source data ingestion and unification.
  • Augmented data transformation and orchestration: An integral AI-driven copilot provides data engineers with contextual recommendations for implementing data transformations, cleansing, and orchestration. This empowers citizen data engineers to independently build data products for their business units.
  • Augmented data catalog: Automated data source scanning, and metadata classification, tagging, versioning, and documentation, collectively enable data users to enhance their semantic understanding, and scale their use and trust in data.
  • Synthetic data generation: GenAI-based data generation creates accurate and rich data for testing data products and software systems, as well as training machine learning models.

Analyst firm Gartner rated K2view as a Visionary in its latest Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools report. According to the report, “Through 2026, AI-augmented data management and data integration will reduce the need for IT specialists (in particular, data integration developers and data engineers) by up to 40%.”

“K2view AI Inside represents a significant leap forward in data product development,” said Yuval Perlov, CTO of K2view. “By seamlessly integrating AI throughout our platform, we’re enabling data engineers of all skill levels to streamline workflows, accelerate data pipeline creation, generate high-quality synthetic data faster, and ultimately deliver trusted data products that fuel smarter business decisions.”

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K2view empowers businesses to unlock the transformative power of their operational data. The company’s Data Product Platform offers a unified, AI-driven platform for building, managing, and governing data products at scale. K2view’s solutions enable organizations to safely ground LLMs with enterprise data retrieval augmented generation, prepare and pipeline analytics-ready, compliant data into data lakes and data warehouses, streamline test data management, and deliver a trusted, real-time, 360-view of the business.

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