Compliance: CCPA, GDPR & LGPD

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New regulations demand better access and control of your data

Whether it’s California’s CCPA, the EU’s GDPR or Brazil’s LGPD, you need to meet new compliance requirements. And you need access to all relevant customer data to do it, regardless of where it resides, or you risk substantial financial and legal penalties.

This poses a key question: how do you meet these requirements without interrupting day-to-day operations? And better yet: how do you meet these regulations while also preparing for the future privacy requirements that are inevitable?

Whether you’re looking to address CCPA, LGPD or GDPR, there are some key requirements that will force you to think differently about your data:

  • Privacy by design: data protection included at the outset of system design, from a technical and organizational perspective.
    Right to access: the enterprise controlling the data shall provide a copy of the personal data, free of charge in an electronic format.
  • Right to be forgotten: entitles the data subject to have the enterprise erase his/her personal data, cease dissemination and have third parties halt processing their data.
  • Data portability: the right to transmit the data to another enterprise to control it.
  • Breach notification: mandatory where a data breach is a risk for the right and freedom of individuals.
New regulations demand better access and control of your data

Access to data, where and when you need it

K2View Fabric connects and organizes your data around what matters to your business – in this case, your customer. It doesn’t matter what your underlying infrastructure is. K2View Fabric creates a micro-database containing all data for every customer – regardless of where the data originally resides – and delivers it with the accuracy and speed you need to meet GDPR and CCPA requirements.

How it Works

Privacy by design

The organization of data in individually-encrypted micro-databases for each business entity ensures privacy in direct support of the regulations. Also, in-memory masking on retrieval, without staging to disk, means privacy protection scales across data centers.

Right to be forgotten

Purge capabilities include the ability to remove an entire business entity instance while keeping source systems fully operational. Data orchestration capabilities preserve business retention rules that override GDPR or CCPA.

Breach notification

If a breach does happen, access to the affected records is always available, stored in the business entity. Security is protected down to the row level using HEKS.

Data portability

K2View Fabric can move data on a single customer business entity from all data sources - as a single process - to another source with a single click.

Right to access

Micro-databases organized by business entity, with full SQL capabilities and Rest API, allow for the electronic distribution of personal data.
White paper

Building a GDPR-compliant customer data hub that drives big digital transformation wins in the new trust economy

There’s been a lot of noise about the shift to a customer-centric business model, but GDPR essentially regulates it – and companies who embrace the opportunity to manage data in a compliant way that puts the customer at the heart can win big.