Test Data Management

Deliver test data from any source in real time, not days or weeks


Provisioning data for agile testing is more than a process problem.
It’s a data problem.

While enterprise IT continues to adopt DevOps to accelerate delivery of solutions to both internal and external customers, one thing still holds them back: provisioning realistic data to test those solutions in a timely manner. With increasing complexity and system interdependencies, testing budgets now consume nearly one-third of all IT resources—and yet the time required for testing brings the agility of DevOps to a halt.

It’s a familiar story, even if your organization has embraced DevOps for years. Your IT team manages hundreds of siloed applications across multiple data centers, with data fragmented across as many unique, application-specific databases, both on-premise and in the cloud. Given all that data is needed in dozens if not hundreds of testing environments, it’s no wonder provisioning realistic, production-like test data is a far cry from “agile.”

That’s the trouble with traditional test data management in a DevOps environment. It involves manual requests, multiple teams, and time-consuming database backups and restores—so provisioning test data alone can take days or even weeks, forcing time to market cycle from three to six months—despite the agility DevOps promises to deliver. Testing teams simply can’t move fast enough to make a difference in development cycles in the current quarter, when new releases are really needed.

To deliver on that promise, your test data management has to be as just as agile as the rest of your DevOps pipeline. Your team needs production-like data that aligns with production environments while accounting for sensitive information. And they need self-service capabilities so they can access exactly the data they need, right when they need it—in real time, not days or weeks.

Despite all the cumbersome, manual, time-consuming requests, and the myriad of enterprise apps and databases, it’s more than a people and process problem. It’s a data problem.


Meet K2View TDM.

A flexible DataOps solution that makes test data management as agile as the rest of your DevOps pipeline.

K2View TDM enables your test team to define what data it needs, then connects and auto-discovers your enterprise landscape to find that data, organizing it in digital entities that represent the systems, applications, and capabilities they need to test. It then delivers secure, real-time access of that data to the test team, with advanced features including:

  • Support for partial data requests, re-deployments, and data appending
  • Synthetic data generation
  • Automatic data security and masking on an entity-by-entity basis
  • Support for fresh and entity-specific data
  • Cross-application integrity

K2View Test Data Management quickly auto-discovers and integrates data from any source based on the digital entity requirements provided—so testing teams spend less time retrieving and preparing data and more time testing and releasing applications.

We rapidly assemble, secure, and provision test data using the organizing principle of a micro-database. This can be anything—a customer, product, transaction, marketing campaign, or store—with all that entity’s information contained, along with masking and encryption to maintain the level of security.

K2View TDM. It’s DataOps for Test Data Management.

Learn Why AT&T Chose K2View TDM for Test Data Management

Data-driven enterprises know that they must test and release applications faster than ever to remain competitive. For many, their data is stuck in a myriad of technologies, making the task much more challenging. So, what can leaders do to truly become agile?

How it Works

K2View TDM leverages the patented logical unit technology built into all K2View solutions.

  • Simply define the data you need, and auto-discovery does the rest
    • Define the data required for your Digital Entity
    • Auto-Discovery finds the data in existing systems
    • Define the cadence of data updates for each source
  • Ingest and synchronize the data in real-time
  • K2View TDM then automatically provides key test data management capabilities, including
    • Data Masking
    • Self-Service Portal
    • Automated DevOps Support
  • K2View TDM updates each digital in real-time per the specified schedule, delivering it securely to the right place at the right time

The result? K2View TDM eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional TDM, accessing and transforming fragmented data from across the enterprise into self-service test data based on the digital entities you’ve defined.

  Traditional TDM TDM, the K2View Way  

Waterfall, bulk provision

  • Many handoffs to request and provision data
  • Weeks to provision; days to refresh
  • Inaccurate and not what the user needed
  • Lengthy masking process

Agile, holistic data management

  • Self-service data for Development, QA and Dev Ops 
  • Populate and refresh with the right data in 80% less time
  • Centrally mask data in minutes, not weeks
  • Native SQL support
  • Substantial reduction in manual processes

Siloed, system-based

  • Isolating bugs or data issues cross applications is difficult
  • Finger-pointing among teams due to lack of visibility
  • Defects found late in QA cycle 

Visible, business entity-based

  • End-to-end visibility of data across applications
  • Real-time identification of root cause
  • Faster problem resolution

Unsecure, complex, expensive

  • Masking is seldom consistent, rendering data not usable
  • Breaches expose large amount of data 
  • Expensive HW and Licensing

Secure, simple, savings

  • Consistently and intelligently masked
  • Secured at each logical unit, eliminating mass data breach
  • Runs on commodity hardware
  • Virtualized, compressed and distributed performance at 40% of cost



The DevOps Test Data Problem

You’ve already made major strides in your transition to DevOps and agile. But why hasn’t access to the data you need kept up? 

Learn why existing approaches to test data management fail, and how K2View’s modern solution is giving DevOps teams the ability to quickly, easily, and securely generate relevant and accurate testing data for true business agility.

Case Study

Major U.S. Telecom Automates Test Data Creation, Cuts Testing Costs, and Improves Speed-To-Market by 80%

A major U.S. telecom needed a different way to create, secure, and provision data during its development and testing cycles. The existing process was cumbersome, manual, and error-prone, taking 30 to 45 days just to make the test data available, negatively affecting its speed-to-market. Find out how K2View TDM improved its speed-to-market by 80% and reduce testing by 30%.

K2View TDM. We’ve Solved the Hardest Part of DevOps Testing: Managing the Data.

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