Make your data lakes and
DWHs analytics-ready
with data pipelining tools

Enterprise Data Pipeline:
Complete, clean, and connected data

K2View data pipeline tools enable data engineers
to pipeline fresh, trusted data from all sources to all targets, at enterprise scale

Benefit from a complete set of data pipeline tools

Integrate, transform, cleanse, enrich, mask, and deliver data - however and whenever required.

Ensure data integrity with our patented technology

Entity-based approach guarantees your data is always complete, clean, connected, governed, and up-to-date.

Productize data pipeline flows for your data teams

Build, certify, and package automated data orchestration flows to be used by your data-consuming teams.

Our unique approach:
Data is prepared and delivered
by business entities


Unlike traditional ETL and ELT tools that rely on complex and compute-heavy transformations to deliver clean data into lakes and DWHs, K2View Enterprise Data Pipeline moves data by business entities, ensuring data integrity, high-speed pipelines, and agility.

A Digital Entity schema captures all attributes from all your source systems, for each of your business entities like a customer, product, order, location. The platform provides you with tools to auto-discover and quickly modify your Digital Entity schemas.

Data engineers then use our no-code platform to integrate, cleanse, enrich, mask, transform, and deliver data by integrated entities enabling lightning-fast querying in data lakes, without complex, and compute-intensive joins between tables.

And there's more: since data is continually collected and processed by business entity, it can also be delivered to your operational systems in real time, to support customer 360, operational intelligence, and other uses.


See K2View Enterprise Data Pipeline in action

K2View Enterprise Data Pipeline gives data engineer a complete toolset
to deliver fresh, complete, and trusted data for analytics.

Why K2View Enterprise Data Pipeline

Patented approach to ETL/ELT that ensures data integrity,
high-performance pipelines, and agility

EDP benefits-1

Accelerate time to insights by automating data pipelining

Data engineers use K2View Enterprise Data Pipeline to configure and automatically apply data cleansing, transformations, enrichments, masking, and other steps crucial to high-quality data preparation.

Data pipeline flows can be set up, tested, and packaged for reuse. They can be automatically invoked to operationalize data preparation and accelerate time to insights.

The K2View data pipeline is based on a data fabric architecture, ingesting and delivering data in any data integration method: from batch, to data streaming (Kafka), to CDC (Change Data Capture), and messaging. 

Data scientists can roll back to previous sets of data, and access any historical version of that data, at a click of a button.

Keep your data
governed and safe

K2View Enterprise Data Pipeline dynamically masks sensitive data at the entity level – preserving data integrity, even after masking.

In addition, data is encrypted from the time it is ingested from the source systems to the moment it is served to data lakes and data warehouses, including encryption of data at rest in the K2View Data Fabric.
K2View data pipeline architecture is modular and supports massive scale, on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployments. It ingests data from all source systems in real time and delivers it to all types of data lakes and data warehouses.
It may be deployed in a cluster - close to source and close to target - to reduce bandwidth costs, ensure security, and increase speed through encryption, and compression.

Enterprise data pipeline
tools and capabilities

  • Collect, process, and serve data by business entity
  • Ingest and unify data from all sources while ensuring data integrity
  • Discover and visualize data lineage with built-in data catalog
  • Transform, clean, enrich and mask data via reusable functions
  • Encrypt data from source until it is served to the data lake
  • Automate and productize data preparation flows
  • Deliver data to lakes and DWHs in real-time, schedule, or on demand
  • Deploy hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Enterprise Data Pipeline architecture

K2View's modular data pipeline architecture supports massive-scale, hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-premise deployments. It ingests data from all source systems in real time, and delivers it to all types of data lakes and data warehouses.

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