iPaaS cloud data integration.

Integration Platform as a Service: The most agile, scalable, and reliable cloud-based data integration solution for the enterprise.


K2View iPaaS – the best way
to integrate cloud data

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Deliver trusted,
integrated data,
in no time

Access business entity data, with situational awareness, in milliseconds.

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Simplify and unify
data & application integration

Integrate data and applications seamlessly, within the same platform

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Fuel operational
and analytical

Drive Customer 360, data pipelining, cloud migration, and more.

Create and deliver trusted
data products in real time

Data products are revolutionizing data integration. And K2View iPaaS is revolutionizing data products, by bringing them to the cloud.

data product integrates all the data for a particular business entity (customer, device, employee, work order, etc.) from all source systems, whether on premise or on cloud. It uniquely organizes and manages the data for each business entity instance within its own, secure Micro-Database™, which it then makes accessible to all authorized data consumers.

The K2View Data Product Platform supports both operational and analytical workloads, and can be deployed in a data fabric or data mesh architecture.

From any source, to any target,
in any way

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Integrate any data source – on premises, or in the cloud – to any consuming application, using any data delivery method. Supported data integration and delivery methods include bulk ETL, Reverse ETL, Data Virtualization, data streaming, log-based data changes, message-based data integration, and APIs.

K2View iPaaS ingests data for a specific business entity, from all underlying systems. It simultaneously governs the data, prepares the data, and ensures that data integrity is maintained.


One platform,
many use cases

K2View Data Fabric is a central data hub that delivers a real-time, trusted, and holistic view of any business entity to any consuming application, data warehouse, or data lake. 

Data transformation made easy

iPaaS cloud data integration supports a broad set
of data transformations via drag-and-drop tooling:


Basic transformations

Data type conversions, string manipulations, and numerical calculations

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Intermediate transformations

Lookup and replace with reference files, aggregations, summarizations, and matching

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Advanced transformations

Complex parsing, combining , mining, correlating, enriching, validating, and cleansing


Easy integration

The K2View platform has dozens of out-of-the-box database and system connectors. It also features an auto-discovery engine to establish two-way connections between existing application data sources and consuming applications – without lengthy development and staging databases.

A low-code/no-code framework for Data Service Automation enables quick creation and visual debugging of data services. Using a visualized drag-and-drop builder, data engineers can quickly customize and orchestrate data services to minimize implementation to a fraction of the time required by traditional data integration tools.

The K2View Data Catalog automatically discovers and visualizes the metadata structure, and the relationships between the business entities – for all of the data products managed in the K2View platform.

Data Governance ensures data quality, enforces data privacy and security controls, and makes the data easily accessible at enterprise scale.

iPaaS cloud data integration

Real-time linear scalability

The K2View platform delivers a trusted, real-time view of any data product, deploys in weeks, scales linearly, and adapts to change on the fly.

It supports data mesh, data fabric, and data hub architectures – on premises, in the cloud, or across hybrid environments.

iPaaS key capabilities

  • Automated data discovery for two-way connections
  • Built-in connectors to structured and unstructured data sources
  • Support for all data integration methods (messaging, queuing, CDC, etc.)
  • Highly sophisticated data transformation
  • Deduping, masking, and encryption of data for privacy/security
  • Real-time data access and orchestration
  • Data governance, lineage, and usage capabilities
  • Support for data mesh, data fabric, and data hub architectures

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Integrate any data source – on premises, or in the cloud – to any consuming application, using any data delivery method.