Pelephone Selects K2View as Customer Data Hub to Power Single CRM Across Three Companies

K2View Marketing

K2View Marketing

DALLAS, Texas and TEL AVIV – July 2, 2020 – K2View, a leading provider of real-time DataOps and data management solutions, today announced that Pelephone, Yes and Bezeq International,  a large Israeli telecommunications group, has selected K2View as its customer data hub of record. As the customer data hub, K2View Fabric will sync, store, and serve the data behind a single customer relationship management (CRM) system across three companies.

Integrating disparate datasets is a challenge that organizations have struggled with for decades. Different schemas, application requirements, and challenges with getting timely access to data have prevented organizations from being able to deliver the seamless and positive experiences that customers have come to expect.

K2view Data Fabric will deliver the data required to launch a single CRM for the three companies, delivering a 360-degree view of customers in a fast, simple and efficient way. This will upgrade the customer service experience and sales process across the companies by providing a holistic, continuous and digital solution tailored to the companies’ needs.

“We need to integrate and align customer data from across three distinct and different companies to drive synergies across all three organizations,” said Ronen Horowitz , SVP and CIO. “This is easily one of the most complex IT projects in Israel and in the communications market, and K2View will enable us to unify the data between all three companies to support new synergistic work processes between the companies. K2View, with its unique approach to data management and rich feature set will significantly simplify the complexity of this integration.”

"With Fabric, Pelephone Yes and Bezeq International will have access to the data needed, to deliver a world-class customer experience and sales process," said Achi Rotem, CTO and co-founder, K2View. "It can be daunting to integrate customer data within a single organization, much less across three organizations. Because our products integrate data from virtually any source, and then model it around a customer with our patented digital entity, this solution will be able to deliver holistic data about any individual customer in real time." 

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