Customer Data Hub

Unify fragmented customer data into a real-time, cross-company Customer Data Hub


Enterprise-grade customer data hub

Real-time Customer 360

Integrate fragmented customer data from disparate sources, in real time

Unify and transform

Interactions, transactions and master data - structured and unstructured into a single customer view

Build once,
reuse endlessly

Create once, and deliver for marketing, sales, service, and compliance use cases, across the enterprise

The single source of customer truth

The K2View Customer Data Hub (CDH) is a central customer data repository, with customer data integration, data orchestration, and microservice automation at its core. The customer data hub discovers, ingests, and unifies a customer’s interactions, transactions, and master data, into a high-performance Micro-Database. It uniquely manages one mDB per individual customer, and ensures that customer data is always up-to-date and available to consuming applications.

K2View CDH employs data governance, and a clear understanding of the customer data lineage from all sources to targets. It delivers a real-time,  single view of the customer – that can be used, and reused – by any department in the enterprise, at massive scale.

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Customer data hub for real-time operations

Customer data is typically siloed in dozens of applications and data islands, in many different formats and technologies.

To address this data fragmentation, many companies have deployed data warehouses and data lakes, which are designed for offline business intelligence and machine learning. However, these big data stores are not designed to handle real-time, operational use cases – such as delivering a real-time, Customer 360 view, or next-best-action recommendation for a specific customer. The Customer Data Hub is based on the K2View Data Product Platform to provide data consumers with complete customer data in real time, and feed customer data updates back to underlying systems – also, in milliseconds.

The CDH stores data securely in compressed and encrypted micro-databases, and is built over a distributed architecture, for enterprise-scale and high-speed performance.

From marketing's CDP to the enterprise CDH

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) was originally commissioned by, and built for, marketing departments to unify customer data from digital channels. The sole purpose of the platform was to optimize the timing and targeting of marketing campaigns.

Today, more and more enterprises realize that the value of customer 360 goes far beyond marketing, to also answer the needs of customer service, compliance, sales, and product teams. Enterprises understand the necessity for a Customer Data Hub that unifies customer journey data with customer transactions and master data, to support many different operational and analytical use cases.

CDH vs. CDP Comparison

Customer 360-Diagram@100x-8-1
Customer 360_Customer 360-Marketing

One customer data hub for the enterprise

The K2View Customer Data Hub delivers Customer 360 to all departments in the enterprise, including:

Used in conjunction with segmentation and real-time decisioning tools, for services such as “next best offer”, churn prediction, and defining targeted customer segments.

Customer Care
Instrumental in delivering a real-time, single view of the customer to contact center agents and self-service portals, to improve First Contact Resolution, Average Handle Time, and customer satisfaction metrics.

Risk and Compliance
Key for enterprises that must comply with data privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR, CPRA, LGPD), and wish to reduce related privacyOps costs.Sales
Ideal for feeding a cross-sell/up-sell recommendation engine to support sales agents and online channels.

Benefits of entity-based data masking

Real-time integration of structured and unstructured data

Data orchestration normalizes and delivers trusted customer data

Unified customer data: interactions, transactions, and master data

Customer data matched, cleansed, and normalized into a Golden Record

Data masking and governance for data privacy compliance

Deliver customer data to consuming apps using any transport method

Generate, debug, and deploy microservices in minutes

Data encryption at the customer record level for maximum security

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