Cellcom Israel Standardizes on K2view as Platform for DataOps & MDM

K2view Marketing

K2view Marketing

DALLAS, Texas and TEL AVIV – June 23, 2020 – K2view, a leading provider of real-time DataOps and data management solutions, today announced that Cellcom Israel is using K2view Fabric as a platform for DataOps. In this capacity, K2view Fabric is providing a complete view of customer data, including product, service, and financial information, all while lowering software and infrastructure costs.

“Our work with K2view has enabled Cellcom Israel to meet and exceed the expectations of customers,” said Victor Malca, VP CIO, Cellcom Israel. “We’re happy with what we have been able to accomplish with K2view at the core of systems, and its ability to provide real-time information to all of our different data consumers. I am confident in our partnership and look forward to further innovations with K2view.”

Achieving a true customer 360 is one of the most complex modern data management challenges. The issue stems from decades of data management practices that use an application-centric approach, meaning that virtually every application has its own database. This has resulted in highly siloed and fragmented data across every organization.

Modern business needs, such as digital transformation and data privacy, require that organizations have real-time, holistic access to all of the data about a specific customer. K2View Fabric addresses this challenge with the introduction of the patented Digital Entity. A digital entity is a person, place, or thing, that has been recreated out of its data. In the case of a digital entity that is modeled after a customer, organizations receive holistic, real-time access to all of the data about that specific individual, delivering true a customer 360.

K2view solutions are currently delivering master data management (MDM) and operational data across a variety of use cases for Cellcom Israel, including:

  • Customer 360 in support of Cellcom Israel’s website
  • Customer 360 for the organization’s Salesforce deployment
  • Technicians
  • Interactive Voice Response

"One of the core principles of DataOps is that data should be flexibly applied in a way that works for your organization, and Cellcom Israel is one of the companies leading the way here," said Achi Rotem, CTO and co-founder, K2View. "When you can access the data you need and make it work for you, rather than be constrained by a specific application or vendor, so many possibilities are unlocked. Cellcom Israel is creating a customer 360, using it to power a hybrid cloud solution, and then delivering on new cases along the way. It is a great example of how new approaches to data management can change the game for organizations." 

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