Data Fabric delivers on the promise of microservices.

Data designed for the past is holding up your future

You’ve set a course to build new capabilities via microservices to speed delivery, cut costs, and increase agility. Your team is up to the challenge, but your data isn’t. Data trapped and designed within monolithic applications is the chief impediment to rapid microservices adoption.

Data designed for the past is holding up your future

Data Fabric for microservices

K2View Data Fabric provides the ideal platform for accelerating your shift to microservices. We remove the latency, cost, and constraints of accessing data within traditional systems by providing a real-time data layer that re-models the data across sources, and generates web services that dramatically simplify and speed the delivery of microservices.

How it Works

Data designed for the future

The data structure that fed your old monolithic applications was simply not designed for your new microservices environment. With K2View Data Fabric, we give you the ability to design the data around the business entity that is the focus of your microservice (e.g. Customer, Order, Inventory, Product, etc.). Regardless of how your data is currently structured or where it resides, Data Fabric can help you rapidly define a new structure designed to maximize efficiency, keep data fresh, and give you the operational performance you need for each microservice.


The move to microservices is intended to increase enterprise agility, but changes to source data are typically slow and expensive. With Data Fabric, most changes to source data are handled automatically, and the changes affecting the schema can be modeled, tested and implemented on the fly. Combine this with the speed at which Data Fabric transforms your data, enables implementation of new logic, and - most importantly - exposes data to your microservices, and you have the foundation for the CI/CD environment of your dreams.


K2View Data Fabric is a fully distributed data management solution that utilizes Cassandra as its underlying data storage layer. The platform scales linearly, has continuous uptime, and no single point of failure, which creates an environment that contributes significantly to our ability to rapidly deploy changes in data sources and structures without downtime or impact on production systems.

Fast Data

Data Fabric is continuously synchronized across sources in real-time, without putting strain on your systems, so that your microservices always have the freshest data. And access to Data Fabric is FAST...millisecond FAST. Each instance of a business entity (e.g. a single customer) is stored in its own micro-database eliminating slow scans, data filtering, and resource contention.

Security by design

Data that’s fast but isn’t secure is “No bueno”. That’s why Data Fabric was designed with a set of included features that make the data you have in Data Fabric the safest data in your enterprise. Our patented micro-database level encryption, masking, and built in user access management solution make your data secure -- whether at rest, in motion, or when it’s exposed.

Microservices delivery in days

Data Fabric speeds microservices delivery from months to days - or even hours. Our Graphit tool and ability to auto-generate web services tackle much of the work and enable you to build quality services quickly.
Case Study

Major U.S. Telco delivers big cost savings and improved speed to market, performance, & security.


  • Slashed TTM from months to days
  • 5x increase in throughput
  • 80% reduction in cores
  • 60% improvement in processing times