Data Connectivity
and Integration.

Integrated data at the speed of business

Data Connectivity and Integration - out of the box

Out of the box

Connect to any data, in any format,
at any frequency

Data connectivity at enterprise scale


Data connectivity at massive scale, with unmatched reliability

Data Connectivity and Integration - with data integrity

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Built-in data integrity and quality,
for data you can trust

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Collective access to data, by business entity

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K2view data connectivity integrates the data for a specific customer, product, device, or any other business entity, and unifies the data into a single Micro-Database, with its own schema of master, transaction, and interaction data. One micro-DB is managed for every business entity instance.

Each micro-DB is compressed, and can be stored in memory for optimal performance and scale. In addition, every micro-DB is encrypted with its own unique key, to ensure that data security is never compromised.

Data is collectively ingested by the business entity, and later delivered collectively, ensuring data integrity throughout the data pipeline.

Data connectivity and orchestration

Built-in data orchestration

Data connectivity and orchestration

K2view Data Connectivity includes a graphical data orchestration tool that makes it easy to connect to any data, from any source, and then transform it for any use – without writing any code.

From the rapid migration of data to a cloud data warehouse, to real-time churn prediction, K2view delivers integrated data you can trust for all your operational and analytics needs.

Well connected

K2view Data Product Platform ingests data, from any source, in any delivery mode, and then transforms it for delivery, to any target, in any format


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Supported Data Sources
  • RDBMS: SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB/2, and more.
  • NoSQL stores: Redis, Mongo DB, Cassandra, Google Cloud Datastore, and more
  • Enterprise applications (on-premise): Leveraging of all technologies, including mainframes and client/server
  • SaaS applications (on-cloud): Access to modern cloud-based applications
  • Secure FTP
  • SMTP: Access to unstructured email data
  • Data lakes and data warehouses
  • AI, machine-learning, and decisioning engines
Supported data delivery modes
  • Batch data movement
    Built-in, high-scale Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) facility, for transferring large volumes of data over time, reliably, while ensuring data integrity
  • Data Virtualization
    Leveraging a logical abstraction layer for data virtualization that hides the complexities of underlying systems to provide real-time access to business data 
  • Stream Data Integration
    Ingesting, transforming, and delivering event data, in real time, to improve customer experience, minimize fraud, and optimize operations
  • Log-Based Incremental Replication
    Synchronizing incremental database changes in real time, from source databases using Change Data Capture (CDC)
  • Message-Oriented Data Movement
    Ingesting and transforming data grouped within messages, unifying it with other data, and delivering it in message formats consumed by other applications

Data connectivity at the speed of business

Data connectivity key features

  • Data connectors to any source – structured or unstructured
  • Any data delivery mode – batch, streaming, virtualization, messages
  • Data modeling and automated data discovery
  • Data governance and data security
  • No-code/low-code data transformation
  • Data catalog and lineage mapping
  • Data service creation and orchestration
  • On-cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployment
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Demand more from your data connectivity and integration platform

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K2view's unique business entity approach simplifies enterprise data connectivity and integration, meeting the needs of both IT and business, and delivering a real-time, single source of truth, at all times.