Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Transform your data now, and rewrite your digital roadmap



You can’t stop the train to fix it

While the goal of “digital transformation” is to produce operations that are fast, agile, and cost effective, the challenges are daunting. Data is locked in legacy systems, you can’t put the existing operation at risk while you swap out solutions, and there will never be enough time and money to fully replace what you have. So…what can you do?


A transformational solution designed for the enterprise

Been there, done that. Because our leadership has been exactly where you are today, K2View created a better way – K2View Data Fabric – to transform IT environments without unreasonable risks, budgets, and timelines. Our complete solution is designed to provide transformation speed, agility, affordable cost structures and risk protection for your current systems.

K2View Fabric sits between your data sources and user application end points to deliver data continuously and in real-time. The platform connects seamlessly to most old and new technologies with no development and no impact, and K2View makes the data available to any application via web services and standard ANSI SQL with only a parameter change. K2View Fabric can meet the scale and performance demands of large enterprises with deployments supporting billions of transactions a month and hundreds of thousands of queries per second.

How it Works

Organize by what matters

The organization of data in most enterprises is based on how their applications work. As a result, data about a single customer is scattered across dozens or hundreds of systems, which makes it difficult to assemble a current view of that customer in the moment it’s needed. Because that doesn’t make sense, K2View organizes data around a single business entity, whether that’s a customer, product, store, or campaign.

360 data on anything

The power of K2View Data Fabric allows our clients to maintain 360° real-time views of things that matter most. For many businesses that translates to customer data organized to support smart, multi-channel customer experiences. Others have utilized Data Fabric to transform critical operations saddled with legacy technology with real-time visibility that opens up possibilities worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Secure micro-databases

 Each instance of a business entity, for example information on John E. Smith, is stored in an individually encrypted micro-database. This approach yields a number of key benefits. It allows us to secure the data at the business entity instance level, which dramatically reduces the risk of a mass data breach. Our approach also significantly improves query performance because a single query pulls all of its information from a scan of a tiny database, and there’s never any contention because only queries for John E. Smith go to that database. Finally, using individually encrypted micro-databases allows us to compress data to just one tenth of its original size and still perform while saving significantly on storage.

Solutions in weeks, not years

Paramount to our rapid deployments are auto-discovery tools that accelerate the setup and configuration of K2View Data Fabric, a seamless transition that does not affect existing systems, and the flexibility to adjust business entity definitions “on the fly”.

Enterprise scalability and availability

Data Fabric is a fully distributed data management solution that utilizes Cassandra as its underlying data storage layer. The platform scales linearly, has continuous uptime, and no single point of failure, which creates an environment that contributes significantly to our ability to rapidly deploy changes in data sources and structures without downtime or impact on production systems.

Transform and save

K2View Data Fabric is a single, quick-deploying solution on commodity hardware and requires very little storage. Our customers realize significant savings on back end infrastructure because our platform takes the load off systems and lifts the financial burden associated with costly data tools.


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Case Study

Leading digital video provider solves dispatch problem, saves millions and improves customer experience

  • 360º view for more than 1 million customers
  • Solution creation in 3 days
  • Data latency reduced from minutes to milliseconds
  • Annual savings of more than $5 million

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White Paper

Best practices for integrating and managing data for digital transformation initiatives.

What’s the best way to integrate and manage data for digital transformation? This white paper explores best practices, and illustrates with use cases, to demonstrate how effective, real-time data can fuel digital transformation.

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